Angel Messages November 25 2021

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Cozy feet, Angels!!!

11 responses to “Angel Messages November 25 2021

  1. My toes certainly are…

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  2. Most definitely this time of year 🧦

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  3. Carl Eugene Bruce and Josephine Saturday Bruce
    My father, Carl Eugene Bruce, died on 24 October 2013. He used to work for Ohio Power, and at one time, his job was to shut off the electricity of people who had not paid their bills. He sometimes would find a home with an impoverished mother and some children. Instead of shutting off their electricity, he would tell the mother that she needed to pay her bill or soon her electricity would be shut off. He would write on a form that no one was home when he stopped by because if no one was home he did not have to shut off their electricity. The best good deed that anyone ever did for my father occurred after a storm that knocked down many power lines. He and other linemen worked long hours and got wet and cold. Their feet were freezing because water got into their boots and soaked their socks. Fortunately, a kind woman gave my father and the other linemen dry socks to wear. My mother, Josephine Saturday Bruce, died on 14 June 2003. She used to work at a store that sold clothing. One day, an impoverished mother with a baby clothed in rags walked into the store and started shoplifting in an interesting way: The mother took the rags off her baby and dressed the infant in new clothing. My mother knew that this mother could not afford to buy the clothing, but she helped the mother dress her baby and then she watched as the mother walked out of the store without paying. My mother and my father both died at 7:40 p.m.

    PS: Earlier, I commented on the wrong post. I wanted to commented on this post: The SOCKS post. Oops.

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