When in Roma


Turned up

Pushed away

Poor tomato

She refused to eat

Raw or cooked, either way

Ketchup she could tolerate

Her parents couldn’t understand

She’d eat ketchup and tomato soup

Couldn’t stomach the original fruit

Although it was never documented

Precisely when she tried them again

Perhaps on a fast-food burger

When mixed with the condiments

Culinary heaven

And it was game on

Stuffed with tuna




©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


24 responses to “When in Roma

  1. Am laughing at this … I still only take tomato in soup or sauce form, lols 😂 I enjoyed this poem so much, Annette 💕🙂

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  2. Why “she”? That describes my youngest son in detail… lol

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  3. I love tomatoes. When I lived in the Midwest I would grow them and on a hot afternoon go out and pick one and eat it in the garden

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  4. Fresh tomatoes are where it’s at. Give me a warm, garden tomato anytime.

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  5. Great poem, Annette! For me, it was onions. If I didn’t know it was in the food, I was fine, but if I saw one, that meal and I were done. Now, I love onions. Lol!

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  6. Well, there you go! Not everyone’s fave, the tomato. For me, I’ll pop one in my mouth at the drop of a hat.
    After all the hard times the poor tomatoes have had. And you must know: Roma. It got a baaad rap there. Until Cortez, the uncouth rascal glutton showed them “how” it’s best eaten. Hint: plateless.

    Annette, allow me to point you to this post. Where I tell you what I know about that ‘love apple’ (sharing is caring)
    But, I know that our tastes are finicky things best left alone. All the best. xo


  7. LOL, Sis! This was brilliant! I loved your take on the prompt. Brilliant! ❤

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  8. Tomato soup travails!
    Loved it,😀

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  10. I can pinpoint the moment I went off raw tomatoes for about thirty years. Unless they were homegrown. It was on a boating holiday in Turkey, and I’d just made a tabbouleh salad. Nothing wrong with it, I just took one mouthful and went off tomatoes completely. Except soup and ketchup, of course!
    (and I was a very fussy eater as a child, too – I join with the no sign of an onion in the mince brigade).

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  11. Good one! It is funny how are tastes “mature” along with us.

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