Goldilocks wanna be

She heard blondes had more fun

She wanted to be one

Dye her brown hair

She chose to take it slow

Hairdresser gave her streaks

Of the shade she did seek

Gradual change

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

21 responses to “Strandition

  1. This is a lovely poem, Annette.

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  2. And maybe she dcided to skip the steaks over time…to delight in her unique expression of fun!
    *smiling heart*

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  3. lovely poem Annette

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  4. Fun! I remember the old ads on television about blondes having more fun. One said maybe she’d have gotten that man anyway, but you couldn’t convince her of that, after she used some kind of hair dye! I was (grey now) a brunette, so I liked the twist at the time, “Men date blondes, but they marry brunettes!”

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  6. What a clever take on the theme! A gradual transition, but all fun.

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  7. What a great poem for transitions, Sis. I always love how “human” your poetry is. It’s a treat each week to see what you create. ❤

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  8. That’s a great take on the theme, Annette! I have very dark brown hair. Blonde was never something I wanted, but I did take a liking to streaks of blue. I’ve had “black and blue” hair for several years now and love it. 🙂

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  9. Heehee! Is this based on a true story, Annette?


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  11. Brilliant take on the theme Annette.. I went blonde to red and back to blonde.. not sure I noticed any difference… silver seems to do the trick lol…♥


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