Why I Have Unfollowed Blogs

 Whew… there are a variety of reasons.

The most logical for me is if I see there has been no activity for a year or longer. Naturally, there is a huge exception to this reason and that would be that the blogger is a favorite of mine and I am convinced they will blog again one day. Or that the blogger is a favorite of mine and I hope they will blog again one day. This logic has actually paid off for several of my favorite bloggers.
Another reason is that I have no clue as to why I followed them in the first place. Oddly enough I have sat and stared at the title of a blog and tried to make a connection within my mind and all I heard was a whoosh of air!
The last reason I can think of is that the blogger has ceased posting and has never taken the blog site down.

Thank you to Hugh Roberts from HUGH’S NEWS and VIEWS who challenged me (and everyone else) to write such a blog post. The payoff? He will make a donation to The British Red Cross Ukrainian Crisis Appeal!  Follow the link below to participate if you are so inclined!



9 responses to “Why I Have Unfollowed Blogs

  1. Well, I haven’t checked if you’ve unfollowed me, but if yes, it’s totally understandable, LOL!!! I’ve unfollowed and unfriended people on Facebook, but never here yet unless…

    1. I find the blog/blogger offensive (to me or to others) in one way or another.
    2. I find the blogger doesn’t show an iota of care about me as a follower. I don’t ask to be noticed always, you don’t need to LIKE my comments, but if you blatantly ignore my questions, for instance, that tells me somethinig.

    It took me several years before I gave up on one specific blogger who, for some reason, kept ignoring me. Since we had no history of arguing over anything, the only thing I could think of was she had bias against me. Could be racial or cultural or religious. Heck, I don’t know and I was just tired of being ignored, so good riddance.

    Anyway, I feel that I normally have no right to unfollow people here as I tend to be away from WordPress for a long time as well.

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  2. Thank you so much for taking up my challenge, Annette. You’ve given all valid reasons. At the end of the day, keep blogging all about the fun and enjoyment.
    Happy Blogging.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Annette. Interesting.

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  4. All valid and sound reasons, Annette.

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