Such Wonderful Support from A True Master Storyteller!

 I am honored to have Sally Cronin’s review of my latest book, Tell Me a Story in 99 words, out there for all to read. Follow the link to her blog! (which I suggest you follow if you don’t already!)

30 responses to “Such Wonderful Support from A True Master Storyteller!

  1. Thanks for the great plug for the blog Annette and delighted to share your lovely new collection.. brilliant read.. ♥

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  2. I left this comment over at the link you gave. But I think it’s worth repeating: over the moon glad about this 💃🏼 😘
    I’m over the moon happy to get to read this review. Thank you, Sally.
And Annette: how about that! I always knew you were/are so talented. In 99 words? Now that’s simply amazing. I will purchase a copy. But be warned: I’m a very slow reader. I breathe the words. I’ll review when I’m done.
So glad this was brought to my attention. Keep going, Annette my sweet. Wow 🤩 Congrats!! I mean it wholeheartedly 👏
    I bless you and wish you miracles

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  3. Huge congrats, Annette! I enjoyed this read immensely. I’ve reviewed for you on Amazon and GoodReads, but sadly, my blog is backed up, so it doesn’t go live on there until July 28th, ugh. Something to look forward to! 💕🙂

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  4. Congratulations, Annette, I’m going right over…

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  5. Terrific review! “Tell Me A Story” is on my kindle. 😍

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  6. Congratulations, Annette!! I totally agree with Sally’s review! I enjoyed all of the stories in this book.

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  7. Good for you, girl. Well done

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  8. It is a talented writer that can pack so much into a short story! Congratulations, Annette!

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  9. Many congrats on the fabulous review, Annette. What a wonderful way to kick off your new release. Enjoy the glow. ❤

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  10. Congratulations!


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