Attitude of Gratitude Jul 14 2022


is the quickest and easiest way to MANIFEST!

Here is the BEGINNING of the AFFIRMATION sentence

I am so grateful and happy NOW that: (fill in your special request)

Here is mine for this week!

I am so grateful and happy NOW, that I have reconnected with a dear friend!

How are YOU finishing that sentence?

Thank you, for your Attitude of Gratitude:

 I love you, Annette Rochelle Aben


11 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude Jul 14 2022

  1. I am so thankful and happy now that my son is doing so well with his COVID infection.

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  2. Hi Annette, that is great, I’m happy for you.

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  3. I am so thankful and happy now that our oldest daughter is seeking help with a life changing decision. God has blessed her!!

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  4. Annette, I may well be off WP for a few days. I’m fighting…with little success thus far…Covid – 19 presently and that coupled with my forever IBS has left me somewhat shattered. Hopefully that will not be the case, but if I do miss a few of your posts ‘tis for no other reason than illness. Regards, Mike

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