Cooler Than a Pool

Thank you to Charli Mills for her great 99-word flash fiction prompt this week. It brought back this memory of when a pool was cool, but a float was cooler! For those who might not understand the references, a Boston Cooler is an ice cream float made with vanilla ice cream and a healthy pour of Vernors (made in Detroit) ginger ale. Be sure to check out the weekly fun when you hang out at the Carrot Ranch

Mom banished all the kids from the pool when she wanted to use it. In fact, she didn’t even want us in the backyard while she relaxed. She turned the radio to her favorite station, donned her sunglasses, and floated on her blow-up raft.

That worked for us! We enjoyed having access to the kitchen when she wasn’t around. One of us grabbed the glasses. Another found the long, skinny iced tea spoons, and I gathered the goodies.

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with cold Vernors ginger ale. She floated her way, and we floated our way!

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


15 responses to “Cooler Than a Pool

  1. Everyone floating. So perfect respite in summer. Loved. XoXo

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  2. Never had such an exotic treat over in humdrum old England. We thought having a cone rather than a slab between wafers was the height of sophistication…

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  3. What a great summer story! You’ve really created strong imagery here; I can almost taste the ice cream!

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  4. Great Detroit story, Annette. Nothing better than a Vernor’s float.

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  5. This is so clever, Annette

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