Edible Educator

This week’s Theme is Lessons From Nature



32 responses to “Edible Educator

  1. Beautiful poems, Annette! This is a lovely lesson.🍄

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  2. What a great lesson! And beautiful poetry!

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  3. Ah, this is so beautiful.

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  4. So many books. congratulations.

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  5. A wonderful lesson, Annette! The joys of simply living! 💕🙂

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  6. Great thoughts, well expressed!

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  7. I love mushrooms. It’s funny how people love them or hate them. These are excellent lessons from nature. LOL! 💜

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  9. A great lesson, live and let live , nature teaches us so much 💜

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  10. True!

    And sometimes they’re quite tasty too 😉


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  11. Lovely Annette… and most are also delicious… ours are coming up in the garden now and they cheer the place up..♥

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  12. They simply live. They are! Lovely. Xoxo

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