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Here are the dates and descriptions of my internet radio programs so you’ll know when to tune in!

Glenna Mageau on Tell Me a Story


Monday, November 7th, 1:30-2pm EST ~  We welcome author, speaker, coach, Glenna Mageau to Tell Me a Story today. She’s written everything from short stories, poems, to fiction and non-fiction. And somewhere around fourteen books!  Glenna offers a wide variety of services to authors or author wannabes. Find her links to her services and products

Let’s meet Glenna on the program and ask her about the suspense/thriller books she has written and whatever else we have time for!  Thank you for tuning into The Magic Happens Radio Network

Natacha Guyot on Tell Me a Story


Friday, October 28th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Let’s welcome, Natacha Guyot to Tell Me a Story. Natacha is a French researcher, author, and public speaker whose new Science Fiction novella, Dream Crusher, is coming out in Kindle and paperback format in November 2016. So, why does someone immersed in doctoral studies at University of Texas, Dallas, enjoy writing science fiction and fantasy stories? Stay tuned to The Magic Happens Radio Network today and we’ll find out! Be sure to visit Natacha Guyot where you’ll find the links to her books and social media sites. We invite you to FOLLOW us where we post our upcoming programs and store all our downloadable podcasts.

Stand in Your Power with an Attitude of Gratitude


Wednesday, October 26th, 8am EDT ~Stand in Your Power with an Attitude of Gratitude. Ever wonder how some people manage to keep it all together? Ever ponder why you feel helpless to ever have the life you’ve always wanted? Team Gratitude to the rescue. On Attitude of Gratitude Annette Rochelle Aben and award-winning artist, David A. Martinka & will help you put it all into perspective. Could be why it’s called The Perspectivepower Radio Network… Thank you for FOLLOWING and SHARING our podcasts with this link

Author Charles F French on Tell Me a Story


Monday, October 24th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Welcome to The Magic Happens Radio Network. Pennsylvania college professor, Charles F. French is our guest on Tell Me a Story. He has just released his first novel, Maledicus: The Investigative Paranormal Society Book I. Today, we seek to learn more about this novel with a most fascinating title, why French writes horror fiction and what he has planned for his writing down the road. And the question that is on everyone’s mind; is this book actually a love story? Of course, you can always FOLLOW his blog page for up to the minute information! And by all means, catch all our podcasts at

John W Howell on Tell Me a Story


Friday, October 21st, 1:30-2pm EDT ~  Welcome to Tell Me a Story today, John W. Howell.  He turned to writing as a full-time occupation after an extensive career in business. His books include My GRL, His Revenge and Our Justice. Why does he write what he writes? Where does he find his inspiration? Let’s find out, as we meet author, John W. Howell, who can be found here: Be sure to CONNECT with The Magic Happens Radio Network to catch all the podcasts! Read and write for our digital magazine, featuring fresh articles each month! The Magic Happens.