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All the powers that BE!

Oh boy… what an amazing journey my family has just been through. We lost our electric power on Wednesday, March 8th, around 10:30am.  It was an hellacious windy day, hurricane force winds and according to our power company, that was the cause.  Of course we were not the only household, neighborhood or City in the State of Michigan to experience this loss.

The first day, the house was relatively warm enough that we were just somewhat uncomfortable. My sister ran out for burgers and fries (a real treat, as neither of us really eats like that – but it was her birthday). By Thursday morning, we noticed that the water heater was working like a champ.  Being as it is powered with natural gas, we were so grateful. At least we could wash up, without adding insult to injury, eh?

By Thursday night, all reserve power in any of our electronic devices had long since expired, as well as the back up battery on the landline phone. The temperature in the house had plummeted to 50 degrees and the cats, as well as the humans were not amused.

My siblings work outside the home but i do not. Also, I have mobility issues that preclude be leaving to just go hang out somewhere.  If end up being somewhere, they must be equipped to handle my needs.  They got to leave, get into nice warm  vehicles and go to nice warm work places. This meant that me and the kitties got to hold down the fort.  We did a terrific job!  If you ever need a fort held down, call on us!

By this morning, we had all had our fill of freezing while sleeping, take away meals and not even being able to have a cup of hot tea with which to warm ourselves.  As my brother left for work, we braced ourselves for a predicted night time low of 10 degrees (F).

Thank you to ALL the powers that BE, we do not have to go through that without lights, heat and HOT TEA!  The power came back on early this evening and as I type this, I have  hot cup of tea that I have been sipping.

So, if you have missed me as much as I have missed all of you….

May you all be safe and sound,

Love, Annette Rochelle

The Magic Happens Marches On!

It’s the first of the month, which can mean only one thing… well, okay it could mean MANY THINGS but for me, it means the latest edition of The Magic Happens  awaits you!

The Magic Happens

We gave the writers the choice of 3 prompts this month, SLEEP, BOUND or WEIRD (gee, guess which one I chose). Come see what they came up with and leave a smallish comment if you are so inclined.

Now, the prompts for April 2017 are:  PLAN, MASK and AIR. So, if you feel the stirring of an idea or two and you’d like to join our merry band of creatives, please contact Kathleen Anne McCarthy at .  She’ll guide you through all the steps and next month, we could be reading YOUR writings!

Here’s what I chose to write about and I’d be delighted to have to stop by and check out my articles.



Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor, The Magic Happen Magazine

Stumbling In

Took a deep breath and signed up with STUMBLEUPON!  That’s right, you can now connect with me at this URL

I have A LOT to LEARN about using this site, so please grow with me there. Let me know you are FOLLOWING ME and what YOUR  StumbleUpon URL is so that I can FOLLOW YOU!

A couple of the INTERESTS I chose to Stumble into are ANIMALS, BOOKS, and COFFEE!

We Love it When The Magic Happens

You are invited to fall in love with the February 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens

Our digital magazine features writer from around the world who contribute articles on a myriad of topics. This month, the writers chose from  SNOWFLAKECAPABLE and WATCH as the topic for a THEME ARTICLE.  What did I choose? Well, take a look at my collage and see if you can figure that out…


Say Thank You on the Fives

Let’s have some fun  in the month of February!  It may be the shortest month of the year but we can make the most of the time. I am initiating an activity called Say Thank You on the Fives. This activity is designed to uplift your energy and indirectly, it lifts the energy of the entire world. Of course, you may wonder how this can happen. So, let me explain the activity.


Anytime you see the time on a clock and that number ends in 5, smile and say “Thank You”. You can say it silently or out loud, it doesn’t matter. It can be anytime and any time. For instance, it could be 12:05, 4:35, 2:25 or even 6:45; as long as the last number is a 5.

I have been doing this for a while and let me tell you what, I feel terrific and especially for saying thank you for no apparent reason at all! My energy has soared. Because my energy is what I sending out into the Universe, the Universe always sends back something for me to be thankful for.

Why invite others to do this? Because the law of averages says that at some point there will at least two people looking at their clocks and saying thank you at the same time, which makes that energy even stronger. It simply happens by default and this is the beauty of the activity. You can do it once or several times. You can think about doing it or even mention this to someone else and still be a part of the activity!

Share this, spread the word to people all over the world. We will be doing this the entire month of February. Let’s all feel good!  Say Thank You, on the Fives!  The passive activity that activates the energy of gratitude!

The Magic Happens in January 2017

Wake the town and tell the people!!  We have our first edition of The Magic Happens for 2017 available to entertain and delight!

Believe it or not, we have been able to say this for just about ten years now. We look forward to welcoming you to yet another new year of wit and wisdom for quite some time.

I am honored to be one of the Editors for this monthly digital magazine as well as tmhcollage0117one of the contributing writers.  Here is a collage of my four submissions to January 2017. I thank you, in advance, for reading what I have written and leaving a wee comment (if you are so inclined). Also, feel free to use the SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS at the top of each article, to SHARE everywhere you are hanging out these days.

One of the things I am personally looking forward to accomplishing this year, is to add a vocal component to my articles. In other words, to post me reading the article. Many of the other authors have been recording their works, it’s on;y a matter of time before we are all offering both the written and spoken words.

As always, thank you for your support for our community of #HumanityThrivingOutLoud.  It’s where the Magic Happens!!

Light and Love,

Annette Rochelle Aben

Live in Gratitude Daily

Hear Ye!  Hear ye!  A new book has been birthed!!


I am honored to be a co-author in Denise Joy Thompson’s new book, Live in Gratitude Daily, The Key to Abundance, Joy & Love, which is a 365-date book/journal.

Denise, and over 80 co-authors, support you each day with their stories or testimonies about living in gratitude. There are also quotes and tips from inspirational and transformational leaders. Naturally, there is plenty of space for you to document your journey as you discover how to live a life filled with gratitude!  Be sure to let me know, when you find my page…

It has been documented that gratitude is ‘key’ to helping us achieve a life of happiness in all areas.

This book will be a terrific addition to your resolve to live the best life starting in 2017 and beyond.  And for those who purchase the paperback during our launch (December 28 -31, 2016) Denise is offering a 5-week course she has titled: Jumpstart to Gratitude. Simply email her at thealliancecoach (at) gmail (dot) com  Let her know you bought the book and that you are interested in the course, she will respond with the details!

This is YOUR YEAR to cultivate a life where you Live in Gratitude Daily