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It started with a hand printed book of junior high school love poetry. I went on to create an award-winning children’s activity book without even trying. So I decided it was time to write and publish MORE books. Here they are. ENJOY and thank you for BUYING them, I only publish that which I would buy myself!

Give Us a Listen

 Hear Ye! Hear Ye! My Lords, Ladies, and Gentlemen! It is with great pleasure that I announce my upcoming appearance on the Voice of Indie podcast,  Wednesday, July 6th at 8 pm. eastern.

 The hosts of this program are Authors, Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez. and I invite you to find them on their sites:  &   The Indie Spot! 

 So, how to FOLLOW ALONG with the podcast? My suggestion is you find them on Twitter, and not only enjoy the show, but you can ask questions right there and they will be addressed LIVE

 I find them on Twitter, then click over to the BlogTalk Radio page to listen quite frequently. Either way, you have options!

 Thank you for your kind attention to this post! Now, let’s get together Wednesday, and have some fun.  Cheers!


Colleen Chesebro Reviews Tell Me a Story in 99 words

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to Colleen Chesebro for the wonderful review on her blog of my latest book, and the 5-Stars on Goodreads

Follow the link below to Colleen’s blog!

Such Wonderful Support from A True Master Storyteller!

 I am honored to have Sally Cronin’s review of my latest book, Tell Me a Story in 99 words, out there for all to read. Follow the link to her blog! (which I suggest you follow if you don’t already!)

I’m a Guest!

 The multi-talented, award-winning author, Janice Spina has me as a guest on her blog today.  I am honored to have this opportunity to share a bit about myself and to have her lovely review of my latest book.

FOLLOW the link below to find the interview AND to FOLLOW Janice’s blog! (she is quite the  cook and often shares amazing recipes)

Thank you, Janice! I am still smiling.

Love, Annette Rochelle Aben 

Welcoming the New Addition to the Family

  Pop the cork on the champagne!

Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em!

We are celebrating the release of my latest book!!

 This book has been a long time coming.  For years I have been writing 99-word stories for the flash fiction challenges on the blog of Charli Mills. I received supportive feedback, and every now and then, I would write some stories that I never showed to anyone. Then, one day my dad said he would love to read them. As he doesn’t monkey around (his words) with the internet, I would have to format the stories to send him. The resulting effort is this book filled with 75 of my 99-word stories.

 There is a paperback edition as well as a Kindle book. They are available from Amazon. 

You Can Find My Books Here

 The beauty of 99-word stories is that you’ll still have time to read a story or two even if you are short on time! 

Check out the 99-word flash fiction challenges hosted by Charli Mills at the Carrot Ranch.

To those who write beautifully, thank you for inspiring me to write. To those who enjoy reading, thank you for encouraging me to write.

Thank you for your support to those who choose to read and review my book (s).  

Love, Annette Rochelle Aben