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Tell Me a Story Vashti Quiroz Vega

So, this week, we venture to South Florida, for a chat with an author/blogger, who sees herself as just your average writer next door. In fact, she hangs with us through haiku challenges, sharing her deeply moving poetry. She’s got a couple books to her credit… That’s right, you’ve figured out that we are extending a warm welcome to Vashti Q Vega as she joins the podcast, known as Tell Me a Story

Her dark fantasy book, The Fall of Lilith is our main topic of conversation. Be sure to check it out, as it is available in both paperback and eBook formats.

Gotta love a gal who has a dog named Scribbles….

We’re going to clear up any misconceptions about the main character in her book, The Fall of Lilith.  I know I was going with what I thought I knew and I found out that I was wrong…  Learn why she enjoys writing in her chosen genre and find out what she sees, when she looks up from her writing and glances….

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Tell Me a Story Choppy and Sarah Ferguson

Well, everyone enjoys a corny joke… especially my guests today on the podcast, known as Tell Me a Story

Head on over and give a listen to Author/Blogger, Sarah Ferguson (otherwise known as the human who enjoyed her Travels With Choppy!  Who is Choppy? Really?  She is the world-famous dog who has more wardrobe options on a daily basis than Cher has costume changes during a live performance!  Choppy has a book out and Sarah tells us the back story of how Corny Dog Jokes came to be.

This book is perfect for those who enjoy grinning and groaning (I mean that in a good way) at the same time. And Choppy (be sure to head to her Facebook Page and follow her) is not only the teller of head shaking humor, but enjoys modeling her favorite togs.  What a bargain, because you get BOTH, the humor and haute coutoure in one book!

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Tell Me a Story Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor

We are bringing you a dynamic duo today on the podcast , Tell Me a Story which is a feature of The Magic Happens

 International Best-Selling Author, Lynn Andrews and Native American Artist, Robert Taylor have teamed up to bring you Sacred Vision Oracle Cards

With over 20 books already to her credit, Lynn Andrews explains why she decided to create a new deck of oracle cards, 25 years after the run-a-way success of her Power Deck. And why she chose Native American Artist, Robert Taylor, to collaborate on the project.  You’ll also learn what their vision is for the use of these cards and how everyone can benefit from connecting with their “inner oracle”. This is a must listen to!

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Tell Me a Story Lori Peters

She’s written for Brides Magazine, FOX News Magazine, Your Tango, The Huffington Post and The Magic Happens Magazine and today, Lori Peters joins us on the podcast to tell us about the book she’s just published and how you can get to meet her in person!

This indie author has penned a book about how she found love, through self-love.  Getting Married at Last; My Journey from Hopelessness to Happiness is bound to to a smile on your face while touching your heart. Find it on Amazon and be sure to leave a nice review once you had read the book!

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Tell Me a Story Janice Spina

Today’s guest on Tell Me a Story, is the award winning author, Janice Spina

She has published in a variety of genres and loves to write everyday.  Of course, it helps that her husband joins in the fun, as her illustrator (and #1 fan).  We are delighted to have Janice share about how she writes and for whom she writes!

When you visit her Amazon Author Central Page, you’ll be as impressed by the selection of books available as with her podcast today.  Be sure to FOLLOW Janice on her blog and on Amazon, so you’ll be alerted when her next book is ready!  Oh, was that a spoiler alert???

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Tell Me a Story Rachel Poli

Today, we welcome to the podcast known as Tell Me a Story a young lady from Massachusetts, writer/blogger, Rachel Poli 

To find yourself on Rachel’s blog is to find yourself discovering short stories, book reviews, writing tips and even meeting other writers/authors through her guest posts.

Today, we learn more about what makes Rachel tick and where her writing career is headed.  Be sure to visit her blog, give it a follow and stay updated on all things Rachel Poli

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Tell Me a Story Robert O. Williams

Tell Me a Story welcomes Inventor of Quantum Code Technology (QCT), Robert O. Williams.  Of course, the journey that brought Robert to become an expert in the field of subtle energy engineering and it’s effect on physical systems, is the topic of his book,  Love is the Power One Man’s Journey to Heal the Heart of Humanity.

Come and enjoy this podcast, meet the man who recorded and performed with Charles Lloyd, Paul Horn and The Beach Boys.  Find out how a near death experience in 1979 changed the life of Robert O. Williams, forever. That change guided him to the pursue a mission that will change the heart of humanity! Learn how YOU can use Quantum Code Technology in your everyday life to release stress and help you create a happier, healthier life! And participate in Robert’s Heal the World Project.

Visit the Author Central Page of Robert Odus Williams to purchase his book, Love is the Power, One Man’s Journey to Heal the Heart of Humanity.  And thank you for leaving a kind review!

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