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Tell Me a Story Peter Green

Peter Green is the founder of Work Out Through Cancer and today, we hear his story as he is my guest on Tell Me a Story

His book, My Cancer Journey – from discovery to recovery shares not only his most personal experience but the adaptive exercise program that he designed to help provide the confidence and strength to fight!

Peter’s story of surviving not only the diagnosis of brain cancer but the emotional roller coaster that followed, will touch your heart. What he has done since, to help others, will inspire you!

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Tell Me a Story Charles French

When you visit the blog of Charles French you will be sure to find a source for a variety of thought provoking statements. Same with the podcast today. We welcome author and college professor, Charles French to Tell Me a Story today.

Charles has two books available: Maledicus the investigative paranormal society and Gallows Hill (book 2 in a now 4 book series).   And today, on the program he talks about his books, writing, writers and pretty much whatever comes to his mind.

Be sure to FOLLOW Charles French on his Author Central Page so you can keep up with his latest releases. As well, as be kind enough to leave a review so other readers will know how much you enjoy his speculative fiction.

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Tell Me a Story Mr Peace Kevin Szawala

 The Center for Disease Control statistics show that the leading cause of death in children 10-14 is suicide.  Fifteen years ago, it was traffic accidents.  So, what can be done to help children, of all ages learn to love and value their lives enough to NOT want to become another statistic? 

My guest on the podcast today, believes he has some answers.  Join me in welcoming Motivational Youth Speaker,  Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala to Tell Me a Story

This Michigan native, walked away from his advanced business degrees and a successful life in corporate America, to travel around the United States for the past ten years speaking to over ONE MILLION young people. Mr. Peace’s programs cover topics like



 (to name a few)

 Give the show a listen to hear how this remarkable young man is helping to rebuild the lives of hurt and confused children using compassion and age appropriate entertaining presentations  (did I mention he is also a Youth Minister and a rapper with several recordings under his belt) 

If there is a hope for the future, perhaps it comes from reaching hearts and changing lives…

Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala the guest on Tell Me a Story

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Tell Me a Story Annette Rochelle Aben

Okay, this might seem a wee bit strange but YES, I am in the “hot seat” today, here on Tell Me a Story


Now, it will seem a bit strange, because you will not be hearing another voice.  Just so you know, I did NOT come up with the questions I answer.  I reached out to 4 fellow bloggers and asked them this question:

If you could interview me, what 3 questions would you ask me?

I received terrific questions and I thank the following bloggers for their participation in this presentation. Which, by the way, they were NOT told why I wanted the questions, so this is as much a surprise to them as it will be to you.

Here are my interviewers for the podcast today… PLEASE give their blogs some love and FOLLOW them if you do not as yet! 

Chris Graham

Tina Frisco

Judy E. Martin

Sylvester L. Anderson

  I had a blast!  These fine folks, kept me on my toes.   

So nice that I was asked about my books, and here is the link to my Author Central Page where you can find everything I have published to date! 

 Remember, if YOU would like to be a part of the podcast, LET ME KNOW!  I will bring you to the ears of the world on the podcast known as Tell Me a Story 

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Tell Me a Story Eve Wilson & Kara Bradley

Her blog, The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension has, just this year, been named one of the Top 75 Healing Blogs on the planet.  So, today, we are thrilled to welcome, healer and teacher, Eve Wilson to Tell Me a Story

Eve Wilson recently released her book, Riding The Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World which is destined to become the handbook for people seeking to live in unconditional love and wholeness.

Eve’ teamed up with her daughter,  Kara Bradley, who shares how she felt about using her artistic talent creating the book’s illustrations of the spheres of the Qabalah.

This mother/daughter team hail from the great State of Michigan and truly embody the energy of light and love for all life on this planet.  Be sure to FOLLOW Eve Wilson on her blog:  The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension where you’ll find the links to buy her book,  Riding The Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World as well as how to connect with her for healing work or classes she offers.

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Tell Me a Story Dr Jerri Eddington

Back in 2014, Dr. Jerri Eddington and I met, as we were both part of an anthology that became an International #1 Best Seller in less than 10 hours. It was a remarkable experience. Today on Tell Me a Story  Dr. Jerri Eddington tells us about her NEW International #1 Best Seller, aptly titled: Launch Your #1 Best Seller – Book Marketing Success Strategies

Not only is THIS BOOK an International #1 Best Seller (in 9 categories in 3 countries) but this is the 2nd such book, Dr Eddington has written and promoted as a solo author.  So, authors and writers everywhere are encouraged to give this podcast a listen and find out how YOU can get Launch Your #1 Best Seller – Book Marketing Success Strategies

 Oh, and she has created a nifty Action Steps Journal as a companion to her book! 

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Tell Me a Story Linda Bradley

What’s so exciting about doing this podcast, Tell Me a Story is being able to connect people from all over the world to each other.

Today, we go from one County in Michigan (where I am) to a neighboring County in Michigan,  to hold the space for Author, Linda Bradley

Linda has penned a series of 3 books, featuring heroine, Maggie Abernathy in her Montana Bound books 

You met her in Maggie’s Way, grew closer to her in Maggies’ Fork in the Road and cheered her on, in Maggie’s Montana.

What’s the latest on Maggie?

This is why we brought Linda onto the show today, so you’ll have to tune in, to find out MORE about A Montana Bound Christmas

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