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Birthday BooKu

Wow, we did it!  Managed to party for an entire month and I didn’t have to bail anyone out of jail!  Of course, none of you had to post bond for me either, so I guess that’s something we can always look back on and smile.

Since September 25th, I have been celebrating my birthday (which is actually today) by offering Kindle versions of several of my books for .99 each. While there were no strings attached, I had prefaced the launch of the Kindle Countdown Deals with a post that what it was I wanted for my birthday, was REVIEWS for my books. I have to say that I have been so blessed to have received many lovely reviews for my books as a result.  Thank you so much for helping to make my dream come true. And, thank you to those who purchased not only the Kindle versions but the paperbacks too.

The books I offered at the discounted rate were: 

And I must say, that each of these books were delighted to be featured!  Never heard a squawk out of any of them and they will most likely jump at the chance again sometime. So, thank YOU for making them feel special.

This week, to close out the celebration, I offer a book that is as timely as it is colorful.  That’s right, I have the dubious honor of being born so close to Halloween that my family often decorated the house for my birthday with the colors and creatures of that most spooky of autumn days itself.  (drum roll) Your .99 Kindle Countdown Deal for this week is none other than:

Yes, this IS what our front yard looks like, colors and all, at this time of year. My sister LOVES Halloween. She lays awake at night planning and plotting the layout of her decorations from November 1st through September 30th and come October 1st, she is busily transforming the yard into something magical. As she works in a resale shop, she has access to some of the most affordable bits and pieces that she weaves into creatures and the scenes she creates for display.

One year, I decided to take photographs of what she had done which we were going to ship off to our folks, who live several hundred miles away.  It dawned on me that they might prefer to have everything in one little album instead of just random, loose photos. Not being able to hold myself back from adding running commentary, I began creating poems to go with the pictures and the book  BooKu Halloween Haiku was born.

I admit, that BooKu doesn’t do this yard work justice. The shock value of the fog machine, candle lit jack-o-lanterns and audible shudders of the trick or treaters is something I cannot capture; you have to be here to appreciate those aspects. So, I don’t try. BooKu is filled with the daylight photos and the thoughts of and about the creatures who allowed me to take their pictures. Still, we grin each time we flip through it’s pages, knowing that in the light of day, creepy is cute and frightening can be fun!

Parties are as much about eating , and today, we have BIRTHDAY CAKE!  I have a friend who is a Chef and she has created a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!  (my request of course). So dig in and eat as much as you like as this cake is sweetened with brown rice syrup and dates, is vegan and about the best thing you will have tasted in a long time. Yes, there is ice cream.. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss, non-dairy amazing stuff.  Grab a spoon, a pint and find a corner; we shall respect your privacy.

Thank you indulging ME in this month long celebration and for taking advantage of the .99 Kindle Countdown Deal offers.  This offer is good only in the United States, due to the nature of arranging these special eBook promotions.

A PhoKu Op

What a grand birthday party month this has been!  What a treat to have everyone stop by for a grin and some grub. Speaking of which, make sure you let me know what you think of the Pasta Bar set up over there, near the window.  Loads of yummy  sauces, to lavish upon the home made ravioli, linguine and the tasty lasagna roll-ups! Don’t forget to fill a bowl with the tossed-greens salad and yes I made the oil and vinegar dressing (secret recipe). Bread sticks can be dipped in some extra sauce.  Wine, hot or cold is available for sipping, so make yourselves at home!

For those who have been helping to make my Birthday Wishes come true, by leaving REVIEWS, thank you so much. Not only am I smiling, but My Books are delighted to have the attention (not to mention those who cruise to see why others enjoy a particular book).

Speaking of a particular book…  This week I am offering YOU the opportunity to GRAB A KINDLE COPY of PhoKu – Visual Perspective Haiku for a mere .99!  (offer valid in the United States only) This book was inspired by my visits to a local park, where there is a small lake, filled with beautiful feathered friends. I would hang out and watch them interact, enjoying the moments so much, that I wanted to capture them forever. So, I took some pictures and wrote a haiku for each.

To be sure, not all of the photos were taken at the park, however, everything is from the City of Westland, Michigan, where I live.  

Come and spend time with me, enjoying something designed to marry my “perspective” on the Japanese art of Haiku and sites that inspired poetry.


A Little Encouragement to Come Party with Me

Welcome back to my Birthday Party! 

Back on September 25th, I started a month-long party, Birthday Wishes  to celebrate my approaching birth anniversary. It’s been so much fun to connect, receive the well wishes AND the gifts of NEW REVIEWS for my books.

Glad to have you back and I have a delightful soup bar set up for my guests here. Choose from such things as bacon, grated cheese and sliced scallions to add to the creamy potato soup or rich tomato basil soup! Grab a hunk of crusty bread for dunking. And get a mug of hot cocoa or peppermint tea to sip afterwards. Please notice there are a few bottles of peppermint schnapps to add a bit more fire to your cup.

As a party favor, I  offer my most supportive book: GO YOU – some encouragement when you need it in eBook format for .99.  *this offer is available only in the United States.

If you are my friend on Facebook, or FOLLOW me there, you will see that for over a year, I have been making supportive, encouraging statements at the start of each day, each ending with the directive, GO YOU!!!.  After hearing from several people who mentioned that they would LOVE to be able to share these messages with those who aren’t on social media, I put this book together. In format, the pages of GO YOU, are similar to my daily posts. However, I sat down and just created 45 pages of uplifting energy that can be opened at any time and read in any moment.

It’s great when someone compliments you out of the blue, kinda makes your day, right?  But how cool would it be if YOU looked in the mirror, before leaving the house and said this, to yourself

You look great! You smell wonderful! You have awesome taste in clothes!  GO YOU!!!

Why shouldn’t you say nice things to yourself?  After all, yours are most likely the first eyes that see you on a daily basis and they should be the eyes of love.

Can’t think of nice things to say to yourself?  GET THIS BOOK and have a great time giving yourself a boost!  It’s all about showing yourself some of that love and supportive self-talk you so freely give to everyone else. You deserve to hear something positive before you head out into the world. Even if you aren’t leaving the house that day (and especially if you aren’t) you still NEED to HEAR something NICE, so be the one who fills your ears with love!

You will find GO YOU – some encouragement when you need it on my Author Central Page  You can scroll to the KindleFormat of this book and click on that. When you get to that new page, the offer should appear.  Of course, I can make it easier, by giving you a Direct Link to follow. 

Thank you for celebrating with me!  Enjoy this week, enjoy this BOOK!

And I’ll look forward to seeing you back here next week!  Cheers.


Offer Valid in the United States only

 Well, heck fire… I did not know this.

When I began posting the .99 eBook specials, every Wednesday, in honor of my birthday request for REVIEWS for my books, I had no idea that people outside of the U. S. could NOT see the lower price when they went to the link I provided. Thanks to Chris Graham, who sent me an email, I realized there was an issue. He explained that when he clicked on the link, it showed a price other than the .99 I posted.


After sending and receiving several inquiring emails, I was contacted by Kindle Direct Publishing (yes, they actually called ME) and informed that, yes, people clicking onto my link, from anywhere other than the United States, would not be able to buy my book at the .99 price. I guess I can choose to make the lower price valid in only market at a time. So, if I choose to make this price available in the U.S.,  then I have to run the offer again making it valid in another market. However, Kindle Countdown Deals (for the same book) have to be run months apart.

I am so sorry, I did not know this before I began this campaign, which I have scheduled to run for 5 consecutive Wednesdays…. 

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all those who have been kind enough to purchase my books during this promotion, regardless of where they live. I did not know, you weren’t getting the deal and you could have blown this off.  Thank you, also for the kind reviews that have been being left, you are helping to make my birthday wish come true.

I am still looking into this, because, as Chris pointed out, there are other authors out there who appear to be able to promote their reduced price books in several markets at the same time. Until I get this sorted out, I will put the disclaimer: Offer Valid in the United States Only and apologize, in advance, for any grief this causes anyone.


Annette Rochelle Aben

Find all my books here: http://www.amazon.com/author/annetterochelleaben

It’s My Party and I’ll Fly If I Want To

Thank you for all the continuing support for my Birthday Wishes I did receive an Amazon Review for Perspective, it’s all about replacing one thought with another and I am elated! I more than appreciate all those who purchased a copy, and I hope you enjoy the book.  I also hope, if you are so moved, that you will return to Amazon and leave a REVIEW!

This party, celebrating my approaching birthday, continues….  fill your plate at the buffet (finger foods and mini pastries) and keep your glass close to the champagne fountain, so as to always have something to sip!

In honor of the occasion, we have a NEW BOOK AVAILABLE!

Flying high with Angels today!  That’s right, any party I have, will always include the presence of Angels.  Gentle wings wrap you in peace as you gather with others  who have come to celebrate the Kindle Countdown gift of Angel Messages a wing and a prayer for only .99 this week.

Angels find their way to me, I do not buy them, others gift them to me and as a result, I put this book together to share them.  The photos are of Angels that grace my home and fill my heart with smiles.  I asked them what it was they wanted to say to you, and those thoughts are the words you will find throughout the book.  You can meditate, pray or simply smile as you move through each page. In fact, because there is no right or wrong way to connect with Angels, any way you enjoy Angel Messages – a wing and a prayer will work!

Among the many prayers in Angel Messages, is this one, which is for the uplifting of others.

 “Angel, I entreat your presence Divine, to be with anyone who has ever called themselves a friend of mine. I beseech that your wings, so strong, support them on their journey, short or long. For I believe that even if I cannot be next to them right there, that you go in my stead an emissary of compassionate care.” 

As you lay your little ones down to sleep…

“Sweet be your sleep and joyful your rise and may your friends outnumber the stars in the skies. Light be your heart and quick your smile and Angels walk with you every mile.”

 Angel Messages is filled with comfort, support and hope from beings that love us no matter what. They always have and always will.

Oh, and on a side note… the messages in this book are not part of the Daily Angel Messages that I post here on my blog. I thought about putting together a book of those, but never quite got that done. Perhaps, one day…

Of course, you can always find the paperback copy, along with the Kindle version, whenever you are ready, by visiting My Author Central Page but until October 11th, Angel Messages a wing and a prayer will be ,99 for the Kindle version.

Thank you, helping me continue my month long birthday celebration and honoring me with the gift of your REVIEWS of my books!