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Welcome to National Poetry Month – No Foolin’

April is National Poetry Month

All month long, we are encouraged to write poetry, read poetry, share it, perform it and celebrate the lives of poets you may know or not know!

The Academy of American Poets has a website filled with ideas, scheduled events and resources for teachers to foster an enthusiasm for poetry!

If you know a poet, check out some of their books…Oh, if you are reading this, you DO know a poet.  My books can be found through my Author Central Page Nine of the twelve books I have available are strictly poetry books. And my most recent book, A Haiku Perspective 2018 is #1 Hot New Release in Japanese Poetry – Haiku on Amazon Kindle.

Thank  you to all who appreciate the work of poets. Thank you to all who celebrate life through the writing of poetry. Thank you to all who believe in the power of words to lift the spirit and spark the imagination.

This is OUR MONTH!


great gusts

Fierce, the winds do blow

Carrying feathers and leaves

New destinations

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

uh, most of the time


Sometimes working it out is about spending some time out working it!

© 2015 Annette Rochelle Aben



that moment

when the night clouds

are cotton candy pink

against the pale blue sky

that moment

when the subtle breeze

gives the tallest tree

a gentle nudge at it’s very top

that moment

when the distant traffic

and yard birds

seem to sing in harmony

that moment

has all but passed

for in your mind’s eye

your heart will smile forever

(c) 2015 Annette Aben

so blessed


You are blessed to say that you have had this day to fill up and with your energy. For it’s been yours for the taking, such joy in the making and the best parts were those you got for free!

(c) 2015 Annette Aben