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Attitude of Gratitude


Thank you for your attitude of gratitude!  Setting goals to achieve gives us something to look forward to in the long run. Still, we can experience the gratitude of achievement along the way. Each step we take holds the opportunity for gratitude, simply because it’s part of the greater whole. It’s like a goal within a goal.

 Affirmation: My goals within goals bring me tremendous satisfaction!

I appreciate you. Love, Annette Rochelle

You Can Do It


So bring yourself to the table of believing that you are in the process of conceiving that which you desire and sets your heart afire. Passion’s light shine from within the Divine spark that glows from the soul that knows it wants to set their goals higher. You have it to do and that means it’s all up to you so understand that it flows as the excitement grows and that synergy will carry you through.

©2014 Annette Aben