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When you believe in a book…

Writers need readers…  Readers need writers…  We are all here to help each other in some way…  CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK to follow this thought through to a poignant post presented by the remarkably talented Sue Vincent, who is highlighting the work of a shining star, we know by the name of Alienora Taylor!

Most authors struggle with self promotion. Few are comfortable with touting their books and feel every kind of awkward, no matter how much they believe in their work or how much they want it to be …

Source: When you believe in a book…

3-Day Quote Challenge


Merci to the best ape fiend I have (rrrr) I meant friend of course!  TSRA himself Christopher Graham who invited me to this mayhem known as the 3-Day Quote Challenge.


1.  Thank the person who brung ya

2.  Post your quote – which might be something you wrote to encourage, inspire or bring a smile to someone’s heart!

3.  Pass it on (translated, tag 3 who could knock this outta the park)

Here is my quote:

Charlie Chaplin Quotes About Life

and here are the 3 I wish to “tag” and if I didn’t so this correctly, I at least gave you something to think about and perhaps a grin!  xoxox  Annette

Alienora Browning, Ronovan and P.S. Bartlett