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Free Books to celebrate Halloween!

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Get My Book for FREE beginning TODAY!

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Ronovan Writes Poetry on Tell Me a Story


Friday, April 29th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Could YOU make a choice between tacos and history? What about fresh fruit or writing? Let’s ask author, Ronovan Hester, my guest today on Tell Me a Story. Okay, so I’d rather talk to him about the topic of this month’s programs, National poetry Month. Of course we know him from his incredibly popular Weekly Writing Challenges (Haiku and Fiction) hosted on his blog http://www.ronovanwrites.wordpress.com as well as from one of his crowning achievements to date, the publishing of his first novel!  Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (co-authored with P.S. Bartlett) which recently received a 5-Star Review from http://www.ReadersFavorite.com (wtg you two). What you might NOT know, is that Ron is hard at work compiling a soon be released, book of poetry titled: My Loves.  (I wonder how many odes to tacos are in it). So, tune into the show today and let’s hear all about Ronovan Writes Poetry, today on The Magic Happens Radio Network. http://www.themagichappens.com


10 Questions for Ronovan Hester

Vashti put it to Ronovan and here is the result!  A really cool interview filled with things you might not otherwise know or learn about Ronovan Hester or Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling – enjoy… oh and Ron, do you ship those potatoes???

With only being able to reblog once, and having done that with this interview to my author site, I’ve copied and pasted the article here. It isn’t as nicely formatted as author Vashti Q…

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