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Tell Me a Story Mr Peace Kevin Szawala

 The Center for Disease Control statistics show that the leading cause of death in children 10-14 is suicide.  Fifteen years ago, it was traffic accidents.  So, what can be done to help children, of all ages learn to love and value their lives enough to NOT want to become another statistic? 

My guest on the podcast today, believes he has some answers.  Join me in welcoming Motivational Youth Speaker,  Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala to Tell Me a Story

This Michigan native, walked away from his advanced business degrees and a successful life in corporate America, to travel around the United States for the past ten years speaking to over ONE MILLION young people. Mr. Peace’s programs cover topics like



 (to name a few)

 Give the show a listen to hear how this remarkable young man is helping to rebuild the lives of hurt and confused children using compassion and age appropriate entertaining presentations  (did I mention he is also a Youth Minister and a rapper with several recordings under his belt) 

If there is a hope for the future, perhaps it comes from reaching hearts and changing lives…

Mr. Peace – Kevin Szawala the guest on Tell Me a Story

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