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National Haiku Poetry Day April 17 2016


You have the freedom

To speak what is on your mind

In three lines of course

And using only

The seventeen syllables

Makes you choose with care

Painting the picture

Describing to another

In hopes that they see

What is on your mind

In a way that makes them think

Of what’s on their mind

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

National Haiku Poetry Day

Reblogged from Al the Author. This is his offering for #NationalHaikuPoetryDay. So, CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK and be inspired!

I had planned to take a day off from writing haiku, and then I read a post from Annette Rochelle Aben yesterday… that Sunday April 17th is National Haiku Poetry Day! I’m not addicted to…

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