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Why I Like To Promote Authors

Jason is sincerely interested in helping authors spread their good words.  Please, click through to the original post here and see how he will work with you to showcase your talents!  Thanks Jason, for all you do.

As many of you are aware I am promoting authors and books now through my websites. To find out the terms of these promotions please visit the following link I enjoy promoting Authors, Indie Authors…

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Cover Girl

I can’t be the only one in the published author world who is always wanting to stay on top of promoting their books. Despite all of the options out there, I know I don’t have the time to keep up and am always grateful for something to help my books be seen in new and exciting ways.  So…

Wanted to take a moment to show off the really cool 3D cover promotions created for my books, by the one and only Christopher Graham!  That’s right, Chris announced recently that he is offering this opportunity to those of us who have published books out in the marketplace, to have something new and different with which to display our titles.  I jumped on this because, well, I think my books are pretty cool and this is a cool idea.

I have a few different designs to play with, which makes it even more fun and I love the way it makes my books look like, REAL BOOKS!  Generally I ‘m flashing a picture of a flat book front, but now I can rock it out with something that makes someone want to pick it up and give it a read

Take a look at the covers for the 3 books I recently published on Kindle.  Pretty cool, eh?


Of course there are several other display options and you can always work with Chris to customize to your specific needs.

I took one other design and created a Facebook banner which showcases all my books covers as though they were a boxed set. (visit my Facebook page to check that out)


http://www.thestoryreadingapeblog.com is where you should head to check out ALL the ways Christopher Graham can help authors promote their works.  What I am showing you here is his latest effort but there is so much more.

Remember, it’s a jungle out there and we can all use a savvy guide, right?  Hang with The Story Reading Ape and it’ll be just vine! 


Sally Cronin – Reading Recommendation Revisited

She holds the space for the creative community and fills it with love!  Learn more about the woman who continually provides the variety as the Smorgasbord… Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss. Sally Cronin

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YOUR #Free Independent #Author #Promotions Platform #Blog in 2015…

What a fantastic way to share who you are and what you do, via a dedicated soul who lives to help you do just that!  Chris Graham, our very own Story Reading Ape, swings through the trees leaving a trail of information for all to find!  Reach out and let others go bananas over YOU! It’s a jungle out there, so let him help you with things like book covers and book trailers too!

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