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Tell Me a Story Jan Sikes

She wears so many hats, and everything she does, she does with passion and integrity. Meet Jan Sikes on our podcast today: Tell Me a Story

If you are looking for someone who believes in supporting and promoting authors and musicians, then you want to connect with the multi award-winning author and musician, Jan Sikes This woman is as excited about sharing YOUR talents as she is excited to create her own books and music.

Her books are filled with the story of her life, with the love of her life, music legend, Rick Sikes and we will learn more about that love story, today, on Tell Me a Story 

* Remember, podcasts are posted in alphabetical order… 

know what?

Why is it, that sometimes all you understand is that face down is how buttered bread will land!
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Passionately enjoy the night so much that stars are anxious and the moon does blush
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