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born to succeed

Be that whispering voice

Heard only in the heart

Of someone as they start

The new journey

Of being a parent

Something they’ve never done

Have a daughter or son

They may be scared

Remind them they have strength

To get through every day

For love will light the way

On this new road

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben


The family grows

Cousin Brian is a dad

A son has arrived

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge Week 18 Sweet


Wow, I was thinking along the lines of candy, ice cream, etc. after all, we are preparing for the arrival of the big old bunny with his baskets of yummies here too.  However, I decided to share a photo that reminds me of the sweetness of life, every time I look at it.  Here is a darling little girl who was watching her own mother hold a little fella in her arms (someone else’s baby).  At first, the little girl was curious, then she was miffed and then, out of nowhere, she leaned over and started (as she put it) loving on the baby!  Sweet to me!!


Thanks Hugh, for the opportunity to share this photo and to participate in your challenge.  Hoppy Easter to you all!


Five Star Treatment Babies of Two by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Alisa Belzil Now in Paperback

Available NOW in paperback, the Babies of Two from Kim Gosselin and Alisa Belzil. CLICK THROUGH the original link and find out more about this enjoyable read and a terrific gift for Mother’s Day (just sayin’) or anytime.

A heartwarming story filled with love and humor told from the perspective of adorable baby twins shortly before birth

Source: Five Star Treatment Babies of Two by Kim Gosselin and illustrated by Alisa Belzil Now in Paperback

The Bassett Family

Ronan Joseph KaiGenerations share

A bond of love filled with hope

The world can see

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

Welcome to the baby boy, Ronan Joseph Kai Bassett, son of Aleka, grandson of Charmaine and great-grandson of Patricia!