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You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS? – by Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape)

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#PoetryReadathon – Meet Annette Rochelle Aben and book reviews

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A PhoKu Op

What a grand birthday party month this has been!  What a treat to have everyone stop by for a grin and some grub. Speaking of which, make sure you let me know what you think of the Pasta Bar set up over there, near the window.  Loads of yummy  sauces, to lavish upon the home made ravioli, linguine and the tasty lasagna roll-ups! Don’t forget to fill a bowl with the tossed-greens salad and yes I made the oil and vinegar dressing (secret recipe). Bread sticks can be dipped in some extra sauce.  Wine, hot or cold is available for sipping, so make yourselves at home!

For those who have been helping to make my Birthday Wishes come true, by leaving REVIEWS, thank you so much. Not only am I smiling, but My Books are delighted to have the attention (not to mention those who cruise to see why others enjoy a particular book).

Speaking of a particular book…  This week I am offering YOU the opportunity to GRAB A KINDLE COPY of PhoKu – Visual Perspective Haiku for a mere .99!  (offer valid in the United States only) This book was inspired by my visits to a local park, where there is a small lake, filled with beautiful feathered friends. I would hang out and watch them interact, enjoying the moments so much, that I wanted to capture them forever. So, I took some pictures and wrote a haiku for each.

To be sure, not all of the photos were taken at the park, however, everything is from the City of Westland, Michigan, where I live.  

Come and spend time with me, enjoying something designed to marry my “perspective” on the Japanese art of Haiku and sites that inspired poetry.


Beetleypete Reviews “How to Get Good Reviews on Amazon”

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Pete, aka Beetleypete, is one of Amazon’s top reviewers, with an impressive rank of 3,212 out of the 10,000 top reviewers. When he saw my post on Theo Rogers’ book, How to Get Good Revi…

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