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Books Make Great Gifts

Well, here it is…


and that means that millions of us will be scouring the internet looking for goodies for everyone on our holiday gifting lists.

I have a terrific suggestion!

Come on now, every one of us knows someone who enjoys reading.  What a fabulous way of showing you care, by giving the gifts of




all wrapped up in a package they will enjoy opening again and again!

Whether you (or they) prefer paperback or Kindle, there are gifts a plenty waiting for you at my:

Amazon Author Central Page

Thank you for the support of not only my books, but literacy as well.  Because books DO make great gifts and everyone deserves a great gift! 


Tricks and Treats

We turned the lights on

Up the walk they came running

To get the candy

We tried offering a cat

Kids said YES! Parents said NO!

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

Birthday BooKu

Wow, we did it!  Managed to party for an entire month and I didn’t have to bail anyone out of jail!  Of course, none of you had to post bond for me either, so I guess that’s something we can always look back on and smile.

Since September 25th, I have been celebrating my birthday (which is actually today) by offering Kindle versions of several of my books for .99 each. While there were no strings attached, I had prefaced the launch of the Kindle Countdown Deals with a post that what it was I wanted for my birthday, was REVIEWS for my books. I have to say that I have been so blessed to have received many lovely reviews for my books as a result.  Thank you so much for helping to make my dream come true. And, thank you to those who purchased not only the Kindle versions but the paperbacks too.

The books I offered at the discounted rate were: 

And I must say, that each of these books were delighted to be featured!  Never heard a squawk out of any of them and they will most likely jump at the chance again sometime. So, thank YOU for making them feel special.

This week, to close out the celebration, I offer a book that is as timely as it is colorful.  That’s right, I have the dubious honor of being born so close to Halloween that my family often decorated the house for my birthday with the colors and creatures of that most spooky of autumn days itself.  (drum roll) Your .99 Kindle Countdown Deal for this week is none other than:

Yes, this IS what our front yard looks like, colors and all, at this time of year. My sister LOVES Halloween. She lays awake at night planning and plotting the layout of her decorations from November 1st through September 30th and come October 1st, she is busily transforming the yard into something magical. As she works in a resale shop, she has access to some of the most affordable bits and pieces that she weaves into creatures and the scenes she creates for display.

One year, I decided to take photographs of what she had done which we were going to ship off to our folks, who live several hundred miles away.  It dawned on me that they might prefer to have everything in one little album instead of just random, loose photos. Not being able to hold myself back from adding running commentary, I began creating poems to go with the pictures and the book  BooKu Halloween Haiku was born.

I admit, that BooKu doesn’t do this yard work justice. The shock value of the fog machine, candle lit jack-o-lanterns and audible shudders of the trick or treaters is something I cannot capture; you have to be here to appreciate those aspects. So, I don’t try. BooKu is filled with the daylight photos and the thoughts of and about the creatures who allowed me to take their pictures. Still, we grin each time we flip through it’s pages, knowing that in the light of day, creepy is cute and frightening can be fun!

Parties are as much about eating , and today, we have BIRTHDAY CAKE!  I have a friend who is a Chef and she has created a dark chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting!  (my request of course). So dig in and eat as much as you like as this cake is sweetened with brown rice syrup and dates, is vegan and about the best thing you will have tasted in a long time. Yes, there is ice cream.. Luna and Larry’s Coconut Bliss, non-dairy amazing stuff.  Grab a spoon, a pint and find a corner; we shall respect your privacy.

Thank you indulging ME in this month long celebration and for taking advantage of the .99 Kindle Countdown Deal offers.  This offer is good only in the United States, due to the nature of arranging these special eBook promotions.

magic brew

Put the kettle on

Special is a cup of tea

Giving you a break

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

grow lights

There’s a million dreams

Within each beam of sunshine

The magic of green

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben