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Bikes Bears Brockway

LOVED the prompt for this week from Carrot Ranch as this very real incident could have cost my husband his life, if not for the quick thinking of our tour guides, Mike & Libby Roland. If you want to visit the Keweenaw in Michigan, keep in mind that it IS the bear’s country first and you are merely a guest. (it’s better that way)

Michigan Bicycle Touring was escorting us through the Keweenaw Peninsula that year. Filled with breathtaking scenery and the peace one longs for.

Oh, and bears!

I was in the “sag wagon” being hauled to the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge in style, my husband was on his bike climbing Brockway Mountain.

That’s when we saw the cubs.

Cubs to the right of us, mamma to the left, and Danny behind, unknowingly heading for disaster.

Quickly, we placed ourselves between the bears, opened the sliding door of the van, slowed down, and pulled Dan in, bike and all. Bearly averting a crisis.

©2019 Annette Rochelle Aben

Pass the Pasties

In response to the Carrot Ranch, Flash Fiction Challenge of January 4th, to write about Copper Country

Mom always made us pasties. We grew up eating the pocket meals filled with beef, potatoes, rutabagas, and onions. Her father’s people were from Cornwall, England and that is what they ate.

Years later, I married a man whose grandmother was from Cornwall, England. He and his family ate pasties too.

One year, he took me on vacation to Copper Harbor, Michigan. Beautiful country. We saw black bears on Brockway Mountain. Enjoyed a Woody Herman concert in the haunted, Calumet theatre and we ate pasties. Because that’s what the “Cousin Jacks” and “Cousin Jennies” would eat in Copper Country.