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Promise Kept

Charli Mills offered the 99-word FLASH FICTION challenge of writing about A NEVER ENDING STORY. Using a bit of poetic license, I chose to use the recent passing of my ex-husband to craft my offering. Be sure to visit the Carrot Ranch to enjoy participating in the writing fun!

“True love never ends.” Her fingers slowly traced the gold-embossed letters on a white napkin from their wedding 42 years ago.

White dress. White roses. White gold ring. White diamonds. White frosting on a white cake. Innocent symbols of hope for the promise of a never-ending love.

White paper signed in black ink dissolving the promise a mere nine years later.

A carefully folded white napkin fell out of a white envelope into her lap.

“If you are reading this, I have died. Even though our marriage couldn’t survive, my love for you never ended.”

Through tears, she smiled.

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Making a New Friend Easy as Pie

Ah yes, Charli Mills challenged us with writing about FREE PIE this week for her 99-word flash fiction prompt. And it took me back to 1990 when I met a fabulous woman who became my dear friend.  So, here is the 99-word version of what happened that day… Join in the fun at The Carrot Ranch anytime!

Everyone told me to be sure and meet Aunt Bett, a local treasure who should be showcased in a television program. A perfect suggestion, since I ran the local television studio.

That first afternoon I spent with her was magic. She entertained me with wit, and wisdom and banged out ragtime on her piano. Impressive for a 90year old.

All at once, she realized she didn’t have time to cook dinner and walk her dog. So, I offered to cook the meal.

She returned to find Shepard’s Pie waiting in her oven. Reaching for her wallet…

Seriously, Aunt Bett?

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

A Vegetarian was Born

Writing about a FARM was the Flash Fiction Challenge this week from Charli Mills. It brought back a very real childhood memory for me (but I cleaned it up a bit as my reaction to the food on that plate was a bit more dramatic). Join the weekly fun at the Carrot Ranch

A real farm… Peg could hardly believe her luck. She was going to visit a farm as the guest of her aunt and uncle. As an inner-city gal, this was a dream day trip.

There were animals everywhere. Chickens ran free. Cows were being milked. Pigs oinked hello!

Nothing was as enchanting as the lambs. Soft, tufted wool on their backs that gave off a lotion-like grease when petted.

The dinner bell rang, and she joined farmhands at the big table. She nearly fainted when she saw the ham, fried chicken, roast beef, and lamb stew on her plate!

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben

Lather Rinse Repeat

Charli Mills had us all ponder this week with her 99-word flash fiction challenge of “I’d Rather Be.”  If you’d rather be joining the fun instead of watching from the sidelines, check out the opportunities at the Carrot Ranch

I’d rather be eating donuts than rice cakes.

I’d rather be that someone who was born with a perfectly formed body.

I’d rather be vacationing on some tropical island than having a staycation.

I’d rather have a significant other than to be single.

I’d rather be independently wealthy than have to work at a job until I am old enough to retire.

Because I’d rather be one of those people who can be happy with their life than to be depressed because there is something else I would rather be!

I choose to be a winner than a whiner!

©2022 Annette Rochelle Aben


This week’s Flash Fiction Challenge from Charli Mills is all about TOOLS. Be sure to hang out at the Carrot Ranch for interesting prompts, people, poetry, and prose! But in the meantime, I thank you for checking out my contribution.

Freddie and Remington sat patiently as their eyes followed Bryan’s every move. It was no secret what was going on in their heads.

Completely aware of his audience, Bryan knew he could get the job done quicker if he’d just go out and buy a leaf blower but he enjoyed the effort it took to rake the leaves into big piles.

As the piles grew, so did the dogs’ eyes. And tails swished slowly.

When Bryan sat to have lunch. the two hungry pups practically flew into the piles. He laughed as they surfaced with mouths filled with leaves!

©2021 Annette Rochelle Aben