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morning magic


The moon waved goodbye

Sunshine woke to singing birds

Flowers smiled colors

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben

Fire in the Sky

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Fire in the Sky ~ fire in the night sky awe vibrates through my being my heart is aglow ~ This was one of the most intense sunsets I’ve seen. The sky looked like it was on fire. May nature in…

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Angel Messages – October 25, 2014

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY message from the Angels,


Love, Angels

Oh Angels, that is so beautiful! Thank YOU!


Balanced Rewards

Fill my eyes with sights so bold… crimson, burnt orange, deep purple and yellow gold! Crisp the sounds, brisk the air and pumpkins a plenty for all to share! Visits to the park and cider making mills add warmth to the days while the nights bring chills. The time of year it just must be, that time of year so dear to me. The time that finds me wearing sweaters and gloves declaring that is it with AUTUMN, I am totally in love!

©2014 Annette Aben

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 109