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Tell Me a Story Vanessa Baca

For those of us who like to read and those of who like to eat, this PODCAST  is meant for US!

Joining me on  Tell Me a Story   is Vanessa Baca, the host at the blog, Food In Books

What exactly does Vanessa mean by food in books? Is she secretly watching us, me while I read and eat? What does she do with this knowledge? How did she recently become a contributing author in a prestigious cookbook? Where is all this leading???

Check out the podcast and find out. And of course, please, FOLLOW her BLOG Food in Books

 All our podcasts are posted in alphabetical order, so you will find her right near the top of the page!

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Silly Willy Goes to Cape Town available for pre-order


Reblogged from: Robbie Cheadle at Robbie’s Inspiration. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL POST to Pre-Order this book!

Source: Silly Willy Goes to Cape Town available for pre-order