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Proof Ordered for a New Book Release AND Cover Reveal

I did it!  Ordered that proof, like a boss!! Why?  Because I have a new book about to be made available and I want to be certain that it is just right for YOU, the book reading public. Yeah, that’s just the way I roll.

So, what is this book, you say? It’s all about encouragement. Giving people a little something when they need it the most. In fact, it is based on and inspired by my daily Facebook posts that end in GO YOU!  So, as we are always told to begin with the end in mind, I titled it GO YOU –  some encouragement when you need it!  (see what I did there?)



Of course, you’ll want to fold this in half (go you, I can see you trying to make your screen bend).

Naturally, I appreciate all those who respond to the GO YOU messages on the Facebook page. It is your encouragement that makes me realize this book needs to happen.

I also appreciate the encouragement and support of YOU, the blogging community. You always remind  me of the power of using words to spread light and love!

Yes, I will surely let you know when it is available AND naturally I encourage you to get more than one copy. Why? Because we ALL know someone who could use a little encouragement!


Annette Rochelle


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Hey there, I’m working my way back. The book has come back from my wonderful editor and it is going up for pre-order on Black Friday. I have a bit of polish to do, but it’s finally done…

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A Treat to Celebrate National Read a Book Day – A Cover Reveal

Why didn’t the skeleton like the Jack-O’ Lantern? No bones about it! 

Yeah, well that’s what you get for allowing me to write Halloween jokes, okay!! I’d like to think my haiku is a bit better. I’ll just bet that if I combined haiku and Halloween, I’d stand a chance of hearing some screams.

of laughter, of course, or maybe a ghoulish grin or two? 

In honor of National Read a Book Day, I present for your approval… the COVER REVEAL of my next book!

3D BooKu Front & Back

Thank  you to Chris Graham for the amazing 3D version of my cover!  If you contact him, perhaps he can scare something up for your books…  http://www.thestoryreadingapeblog.com

This is a “Halloween story in words and pictures” of how the “creatures of the fright” occupy their time leading up to their big night. Naturally, when the pressure is on, they do a ‘fang-up’ job of tricking the little beggars into believing that their bark is worse than their bite.

LoriBooKuEach year, the “Mistress of Halloween” (they say, she’s a dead ringer for my sister, Lorraine) proves herself worthy of the title of Diva of Decorating and transforms our front yard into sea of spooky. The little ones have been to known to stop smack in their tracks when greeted by snakes slithering on their path but it’s the life size rubber rats, with gnarly fangs that really give them pause. You would think with the disembodied heads hanging around, they wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting near the candy but we run out every year. Of candy, not kids…

Watch for the forthcoming announcement of BooKu, Halloween haiku coming to life soon on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.



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Well, after months of deliberating, and weeks of to-ing and fro-ing, I am finally ready to announce that my first book, an anthology of my poetry is almost ready for publishing! Here is the finishe…

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Cover Reveal for BURIED LIES

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The third book in the HIDDEN TRUTHS series is scheduled to be released JUNE 13th! I am very excited to share this novel with you all. It is different from the first two novels in the series, as it …

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