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The Angels appreciate your VOTE

From Sunday, October 16th, 8am EDT through Sunday, October 23rd, 8am EDT, the cover of my book, Angel Messages A Wing and A Prayer is is the running to WIN the Author Shout, COVER WARS!


How this works, is that VOTING is only ONCE in a TWENTY-FOUR HOUR PERIOD. This time frame will vary from voter to voter. Say that YOU VOTE at 11am on Sunday, then YOU must wait until after 11am on Monday, to VOTE AGAIN. If I VOTE at 7pm on any given day, then I have to wait until after 7pm to VOTE AGAIN the next day. Ideally, if everyone were to VOTE ONCE a DAY, we can each cast 6 VOTES during the contest. That sounds wonderful…

The Angels and I appreciate YOUR VOTES!  This is the ONE ELECTION this year in which it is a pleasure to VOTE!

Here is the link for VOTING.  And be sure to SUBMIT YOUR COVER for a FUTURE COVER WARS contest!

Cover Wars

As the dust settles

It was a jolly good time!  I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal group of family, friend and fellow authors to rally on behalf of the cover of my book, Angel Messages for this past week’s Cover Wars at Author Shout.  While the cover did not take first place, each of you did, in my heart.  Thank you so much for all you did, whether it was to re-blog, share on social media, vote or merely keep a cheery thought, I felt the support and it was terrific!  It is an honor to be connected to each and every one of you.  Please let me know how I may serve you!

Love, Annette Rochelle

The Home Stretch for Cover Wars

Well, this is the r-e-a-l exciting part of this entire week because we are in the home stretch of VOTING TIME.  The Cover Wars at Author Shout lasts for one full week, with a new contest beginning every Sunday 8am EDT.  So this means we can VOTE for a CURRENT COVER until June 26, 2016.

Here is the cover I have in this contest Angel_Messages_Cover_for_Kindle

And I would appreciate your VOTE!  As long as it has been at least 24 hours since your last VOTE, you can get another one in today.  It’s so easy.  Simply visit the link I will provide, scroll down a bit to the actual contest, click the box for ANGEL MESSAGES and click VOTE!

Remember that while you are there, you can also enter one of YOUR COVERS and they will notify you when it is your turn to shine. So, be sure to let me know when you are in the Cover Wars and I will be there for you.


Thank you, from me and the Angels!

Annette Rochelle

Be an Angel and Help Me Score a Victory!

YOU, yes, you, can help the cover of my book, Angel Messages, a wing and a prayer, WIN this week’s Cover Wars at Author Shout.


By taking a moment and it really does only take a moment, to pop over and VOTE, you contribute to the victory.

We have Thursday, Friday and Saturday left.  The voting will cease as of 7:59 am EDT on Sunday morning.  So when you vote, say at 4pm today, you can vote again after 4pm on Friday and again after 4pm on Saturday.  Now be aware that if you attempt to vote sooner, the little poll will move, looking all the world as though it registered your early vote, but please trust me when I tell you, this is not the case.


Something else you can do, while you are there, is to ENTER YOUR BOOK COVER!  What a cool thing, and then let me know what they have let you know that your book cover is in the contest and I shall vote for you!!   Please be advised that is took about 6 weeks before they notified me but they receive many submissions.

All consideration of my request is appreciated.  I do understand that everyone has their level at which they wish to be involved, no judgement here. Thank you for your support and I am happy to return the favor when you enter your cover!

Cheers, Annette!

And that 24 period starts when?

Thank you ALL for helping to carry Angel Messages, a wing and a prayer to the top in this week’s Author Shout, Cover Wars.


Everyone is allowed and invited to VOTE DAILY but it is only once in a 24 period. Allow me to elaborate. This is 24 hours from when YOU FIRST VOTE.  It doesn’t go by the clock. So yes, you will go to the link, click on my book cover and then click VOTE. The screen then changes and it shows the results.  Naturally, you may think your vote has been registered, however this is not the case.  I only know because I checked it myself even this morning.

I went to the site, clicked on VIEW RESULTS and saw that 30 people had voted for me thus far.  Then I went back to the POLL and VOTED for myself, when the results appeared, the number did NOT CHANGE.  I knew it wouldn’t because it had not been 24 since I last voted.

Now, if you meticulously monitor this and vote accordingly, that’s pretty darn nice of you. I know that can be a bit much for most people, especially what with everything in your OWN lives you have to be responsible for.  Yet, when you, yourselves are part of this experience (and I hope that you DO submit your own covers) you will want to understand this process so you too can find yourself the winner at the end of the week.

So, thank you for all the support, I am honored to be surrounded by such a loving community of kindred souls. Please let me know when YOUR COVER is in the running and I shall be right there by your sides.


The VOTING is OPEN from 8am EDT Sunday, June 19th until 8am EDT Sunday, June 26th.

Thank you so much for helping me with this opportunity.  You’re the best.