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Author Services and Promotion Sites

Reblogged from Smorgasbord Invitation. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL POST and take note of the industry professionals available to help YOU get that book published!

I hope that you will find this list of author services and promotions sites of use to you.. I have recently removed and updated. Obviously it is up to you to research thoroughly any service that yo…

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Meet Sally Cronin

Well, well, well, what you don’t know about one of the most interesting ladies around. Enjoy this interview with the talented Sally Cronin. (bring chocolate) Click through to the original post, then proceed to Sally’s blog and FOLLOW her! 

Please welcome Sally Cronin, author of a short stories, a copious and impressive blog, novels, and a number of books on health, wellness, weight loss, and media training. Her most recent book is ca…

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Personally Recommended Author Services and Promotion Sites

There is absolute truth to the statement that no man is an island. As much as there is truth to the statement that it takes a village… Thanks to Sally Cronin, for assembling this listing for us to know where the villages are and who are the members of our tribe!  Read on.

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Moyhill Publishing – Established 2004

Some pretty cool people to get to know better!  Get the professional guidance that makes publishing your book easier than you ever imagined.

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