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Aunt Jean

She believed in God

Understatement of the world

She belonged to God

Everything she did

A demonstration of love

Faith and devotion

For eighty-nine years

She let her little light shine

So, we could find God

Today, God found her

Welcomed her to her new home

She’ll shine forever

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

holy spirit

No one ever dies

They merely drop their bodies

Returning to light

Dancing in the skies

Feeling exquisite freedom

Knowing only love

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

Something I’d like to share

re-blogged from Aurora J Alexander. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL POST to lend a hand in a most serious situation. Thank you.

This might be a little unusual, but it is a special – and very sad situation. Kawanee Hamilton, owner of “Kawanee’s Korner”, blogger and writer, has unexpectedly lost her hu…

Source: Something I’d like to share


It took me a day or two to re-blog this, the reason being, I lost a family member to a rip tide a few years ago. The post brought back too many memories, however I believe that the sharing of this post, while not about the exact same situation, may help others understand how serious the rip tides or rip currents can be. Here is her story:   In spring of 2012, Trained diver, Christina Cassin (49) was diving with a group in Cozumel,Mexico. She signaled her husband (Scott Turco) that she needed to surface. He turned away for a moment and when he turned back, she was gone.  She is still gone, we never found her.



I Love You Gordon


Voice quiet, smile bright, you dance amongst the stars tonight. Laughter warm, eyes deep, now with the Angels forever to sleep. Greeted by your loving wife and all the others you lost during your life. Now free and out of pain, watch over us all until we meet again!

©2015 Annette Rochelle Aben

Rest in peace, my gentle cousin. Gordon D, Wood 08-04-1949 / 12-08-2015