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wing song

So, this dove, she sat

Upon a thin wire, so high

Gazing at the sky

So, this dove she thought

I wonder if I should fly

Off into the sky

So, this dove she sat

Contemplating her purpose

And wondering why

So, this dove did sigh

As she felt called to move on

Into the beyond

So, this dove she knew

She could choose to sit all day

Watching life go by

So, this dove did leave

Prompted by a wayward breeze

Spread your wings and BE!

©2017 Annette Rochelle Aben

coin toss


Ideas racing

A mind filled with many thoughts

Which way to turn first

Color in a book

Write poetry all day long

Hang some new curtains

Perhaps bake a cake

Go for a walk with a friend

Binge watch some great films

Maybe take a nap

Make popcorn, think about it

Don’t be too hasty

©2017 Annette Rochele Aben

Should you write under a pseudonym? Pros, cons and practicalities in a digital world

A great article, sharing food for thought!

Nail Your Novel

use a pen nameShould you use a pen name? Why might you? What problems might it cause? I rounded up a quiver of authors with noms-de-plume and asked them to answer some practical questions.

First of all, why?

An author name is a brand, of course, and traditional publishing has a long history of strategic pseudonymery. Names or initials might make a writer sound more exciting, more serious, more like an already famous author (JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin, anyone?). Androgynous names might do you favours if your readership is gender sensitive. A new surname might put you at a more visible part of the bookshelves or next to giants of your genre (George RR Martin again).

Even a change of nationality might send interesting signals to the reader. Earlier this year I was at an event with Sophie Schmidt, head of author relations and marketing at Epubli, and she told me…

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decisions, decisions

©2014 Annette Aben