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Featured Author: Annette Rochelle Aben

Reblogged from Brittney Sahin.  I and the Angels are grateful for this feature!  CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK.

I’d like to introduce you to author Annette Rochelle Aben. Annette has a long list of books to choose from! She is a great supporter of other authors, always sharing blog posts and tweets. Pl…

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Author Talk – Annette Rochelle Aben


Thank you, to Don Massenzio, for this opportunity to share Angel Messages with everyone.  Angels are more than excited as well.

Today we sit down with Annette Rochelle Aben, author and blogger. Her poetry and images make her blog one that I follow and read every day. DM: What is the title and genre of the book you want to t…

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Hugh’s Photo Challenge Week Five Pair

Okay, Hugh, here is a pair for you. Considering we have just wrapped up the Halloween festivities, here are two of my sister’s yard decorations.  Thanks for the opportunity to participate!




Being Sunshine

Being Sunshine II