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Angel Messages March 27, 2016


Your DAILY MESSAGE from the Angels…


 We love you…

Hugging away, Angels!  Hugging you too!!

Angel Messages – April 5, 2015

Aunt Jean Hoffman 2007 280

Your DAILY message from the Angels…


Love, Angels

Good advice Angels, thank YOU!

Time Stood Still

(this is a very real tale that happened 14 years ago early Easter Sunday morning)

Time stood still as he sprung out of the light-filled church into the dark of the midnight; his handsome face relaxed and his step carefree. It had been close to fifteen minutes since she had exited from the Easter vigil mass and waiting for him was something she felt every minute of much like waiting for eggs to boil. Watching him, she appreciated how good he looked in his dark suit for she had never seen him in anything other than blue jeans and a white tee shirt. She wondered if he would see her standing to his left.

Time stood still as their eyes met, smiles appeared, and hello rang out with excitement accompanied by cathedral bells announcing the end of service. She fell in step with him as they descended the church steps and proceeded towards the street. Having to stop at the curb to allow the smattering of traffic to pass, they began to speak. She told him about shaking hands with the priest on the steps. He appreciated how she thought his sermon was stirring and that she enjoyed watching him float around presenting his pre-Easter message. Laughing, she recanted the moment she told the young priest of her affiliation with a Spiritualist Church out of State. The priest winked at her. She let him know that she was there because she was a friend of this dapper gentleman singing in the choir and that she would be back for the Easter service in the morning.

Time stood still as they moved effortlessly across the street towards the parking lot. Never asking where her car was, they walked right to it, stopping at the driver’s side to get a good look at each other under the street lamp. Eyes glanced nervously downward every so often, feet shifted slightly and sighs of relief ticked away the seconds. He asked her where she was headed and she replied that was just planning on heading home. He said that said that he was planning on going on home himself. She commented as to how great he looked, mentioning that she had never seen him in a suit before. He blushed and said that it was funny because he was about to say the same thing to her. Again, the eye contact drifted to the scenery, feet turned inward and smiles grew. She reminded him that he had not hugged her all day. He opened his arms, pulling her to him and held on gently.

Time stood still as she nervously commented if it weren’t so late, she would invite him out for a cup of coffee. He shrugged his shoulders and laughed that laugh again as she had beaten him to the punch because he was just about to suggest that they go for some coffee. They laughed as the new plans for the evening began to come together, coffee it would be! He suggested that she drive then drop him back off at his truck on the way back.

Time stood still as they pulled into the restaurant parking lot commenting on memories of being there before but not with each other. Joking and laughing with the staff as they made their way to the table, no one seemed to notice her feet were not touching the floor. He was just short of being able to help her off with her coat but waited for her to be seated before sliding into the booth across from her.

Time stood still as they picked up the menus as the waitress arrived to take their order, hot tea for her and lemonade for him. As the waitress walked away he had second thoughts and she flagged the waitress down to return to the table. After careful thought he decided that they should split a strawberry malted and a strawberry Belgium waffle as she had never had either! Yes, strawberry was the perfect choice because he knew the apple waffles were not as good.

Time stood still while the chatter of the day continued, she making jokes about the décor and he got comfortable removing the tie and opening his collar. The food came; the chatter switched to subtle sounds of appreciation for the moment and time stood still.

Time stood still as they rode back to town taking side streets, passing houses where they knew the people who lived in them. They thought seriously about dropping in to surprise his future daughter-in-law but realizing it was nearly 2am, they thought better of it. Before they knew it they were back in the parking lot, next to his truck, facing the glistening river. Thank you was said quite a bit as he leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her cheek tenderly. She turned her face to him and accepted three gentle kisses upon her slightly parted lips from his barely open mouth. The moonlight bounded off the water, the traffic was sparse but they didn’t notice for their eyes were closed and time stood still.

Angel Messages – April 20, 2014

Little Angel

Your DAILY message from the Angels…


Love, Angels!

Thank you Angels, and I know that this is exactly why we are here!