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The Making of a Knight #tellastoryday

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The boy’s hands had been frozen cold by the snow. He shivered wondering if he had the strength to return home, but he must mother needed the food. He imagined the warmth of a blazing fire. He saw a…

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She walked around all day with diamonds in her eyes, glowing and glistening like the brightest stars up in the sky and everyone who saw her, every passerby was taken by the girl with the diamonds in her eyes.

She moved through her day wings on her feet, gliding and sailing merely inches off the street and everyone who saw her, everyone she’d meet was taken by the girl with wings on her feet.

She brought to her day a song in her heart, humming and whistling from the moment it did start and everyone who met her did merry meet and merry part for she left with them a bit of the song in her heart.

©2015 Annette Aben

snow way


Oh, to live one’s life as a flake of snow, aimlessly drifting to and fro. Your only mission, but to fall with little or no thought at all.  Dancing merrily with family and friends knowing at any moment your life could end. Enchantment is your life to make when your lot is that of a snowy flake!

©2015 Annette Aben