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Don’t Look At Me Like That

Charl Mills issued the flash fiction challenge about a fishing tale this week. Using 99 words, write it out and tag it back to her here: https://carrotranch.com/2018/04/26/april-26-flash-fiction-challenge/

She’d never been fishing before. Fish swam in the little glass bowl on her dresser. You didn’t touch them. You looked at them.

Mother packed the picnic hamper. Dad readied rods, reels, and a small basket of lures and hooks.  She and her siblings dressed for a day at the park but with bathing suits underneath.

Her line went into the water, and soon everyone was cheering for her, as she caught a small sunfish. Dad took it off the hook to hand it to her. NO! It looked up at her terrified, and terrified, she ran away screaming.

 (c) Annette Rochelle Aben