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AMAZING MATILDA Finger Puppets #FREE Download

Reblogged from 4 Writers and Readers. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL LINK for a nifty offer from Bette A. Stevens!

Finger puppets not only provide a great way for children to enjoy retelling a story, they offer the perfect opportunity for children and adults to talk about books. In AMAZING MATILDA, readers and …

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A New Addition To the Family!


I am honored and delighted to announce that there is a new addition to the “family”, the family of books I have either written or have something I have written as part of the publication!  That’s right, when you visit my Author Central Page on Amazon, you will find the title Indie Unlimited  2014 Flash Fiction Anthology which includes my contribution, Howard, the Holiday Bear.


As you will see, as of this blog-date, this is an ebook yet I have been told that a paperback is on its way.  You will also see that the download is FREE right now. So please, avail yourself of this opportunity to read the flash fiction offerings of a wide variety of talented writers and please leave a smallish review if  you wouldn’t mind.

Thank you for supporting not only my writing career but the hopes and dreams of indie authors everywhere!

Cheers, Annette!