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Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Wisdom

Well, I must say that the thoughts of WISDOM and WOMEN gave me the opportunity to journey through some of the most remarkable quotes. Many of those which I came across made me smile, several brought gales of laughter however when I saw the two quotes I “memed” up for this post, I knew this was my direction.

I have always admired the two women I chose to feature, for their talents as well as their wisdom.

Marlo Thomas, who was born into show business, made her way and never traded on her father’s name for fame.  Not only was she my idol as “That Girl” when she wrote the book, “Free to be You and Me” I knew she was quite the gift! (When she married Phil Donahue, I was convinced she was the most intelligent woman on the planet).

Barbra Streisand’s music and film presence impressed me from the time I could play my parent’s records without supervision.  Starring at the big screen in awe while I watched Funny Girl, I learned that she would never let anyone “rain on her parade” and as I followed her career over the decades, she never did!  People have not always liked her but she knew who she was and what she came here to do and did it without apology!

Of course it took me ages to learn that it was really okay to be me.. not that I could be anything other than. And as far as others raining on my parade, well let’s just say I  have learned to employ a smile as my umbrella!

So, to two of the ladies who helped shape my life, I offer a little of their wisdom and a haiku of my take on WISDOM and WOMEN!


 Women wise are we

Wiser women may we be

Life’s taught us to see

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben