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The Medicine Woman’s Treasure chest – Saw Palmetto – Hormone Imbalance

Continuing on with her incredible series, The Medicine Woman’s Treasure Chest, here is Sally Cronin with another most help post. Saw Palmetto is not just for men, I did not know this, did you? Learn, and share. Thank you.

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In recent years Saw Palmetto has been primarily recommended to men but it is an herb that can also be used by women especially if they are suffering from oestrogen dominance throughout their reproductive years.

saw palmetto

Saw palmetto is a small palm tree with large leaves and deep red/black berries. The berries contain an oil comprising a variety of fatty acids and phytosterols (plant cholesterol that blocks our body’s production of cholesterol).

Like many of our herbal remedies, Saw Palmetto has been used for thousands of years by Native American Indians as a remedy for urinary tract problems, impotence, testicular and prostate disease and reduced sex drive. They also used the berries as a general tonic and to stimulate appetite after illness. Women were also treated with Saw Palmetto for painful periods and to increase levels of breast milk.

As with all supposed folk remedies this herb has come under increasing…

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