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DOG BONE SOUP (Historical Fiction/age 11-adult) by Bette A. Stevens– ONLY 99¢ thru June 30

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Tell Me a Story Chuck Jackson


Tune into the  Tell Me a Story podcast and meet author, blogger, Vietnam Veteran, and cancer survivor, Chuck Jackson.  Yes, this man has been through so much and his story can inspire each of us to see the gift in anything.

Chuck’s book One Month, 20 Days and a Wake Up is a fictionalized account of his time in Vietnam as a member of The United Stated Air Force and it’s (as the subtitle of the book states) one man’s story of what it meant to be a PJ.

Want to know what a PJ is? Listen to the show

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Tell Me a Story Andrew Joyce

The Magic Happens Radio Network welcomes the award-winning historical author and side kick to Danny the Dog, Andrew Joyce to Tell Me a Story.

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Follow the link and put a voice to the face and learn the history of how he became a writer.  Be advised, there is Adult Language throughout this interview.

Tell Me a Story

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On Sale for Two Days!!! ($0.99)!!!

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Well, Danny the Dog takes a back seat today and actually allows Andrew Joyce to have his say!  

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I’m kind of embarrassed to post this. But not that embarrassed.

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Please keep voting for Ludwika – final days

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Ludwika  has been longlisted for the Summer Indie Book Awards 2016, Historical Fiction and stands a very good chance of winning it. It’s a two horse race, a tight head to head. You can vote o…

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Ronovan Writes Poetry on Tell Me a Story


Friday, April 29th, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Could YOU make a choice between tacos and history? What about fresh fruit or writing? Let’s ask author, Ronovan Hester, my guest today on Tell Me a Story. Okay, so I’d rather talk to him about the topic of this month’s programs, National poetry Month. Of course we know him from his incredibly popular Weekly Writing Challenges (Haiku and Fiction) hosted on his blog http://www.ronovanwrites.wordpress.com as well as from one of his crowning achievements to date, the publishing of his first novel!  Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling (co-authored with P.S. Bartlett) which recently received a 5-Star Review from http://www.ReadersFavorite.com (wtg you two). What you might NOT know, is that Ron is hard at work compiling a soon be released, book of poetry titled: My Loves.  (I wonder how many odes to tacos are in it). So, tune into the show today and let’s hear all about Ronovan Writes Poetry, today on The Magic Happens Radio Network. http://www.themagichappens.com