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duck call


I flew to the park and oh what luck, finding a cozy spot in the company of three large, white ducks!

Tucked in between the spring green and winter’s tree trunk dead, I happened to catch sight of another white duck’s head.

She was all curled up, sitting in the sun, as if taking a break from a job well done.

Wanted no excuse to move, no immediate reason to get going, she sat there like a sought after, sage, all seeing and all knowing.

While all around, the world was carrying on, in trees filled with red-winged black birds and the lake of honking geese and silent swans.

Gulls went screaming across the sky in direct contrast to the dainty orange butterflies.

Brave new leaves could not contain the breeze that created dancing branches on the shoreline trees.

Those big fluffy ducks, with feathers of white just sat there, casually taking in the sounds and sights.

When our visit was over, it was as if they knew and they headed for the lake to do whatever it is that ducks do.

They swam off and I started my van. They know I’ll be back as soon as I can!

©2016 Annette Rochelle Aben