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Tell Me a Story Brenda E Cortez

A living kidney donor, and children’s book author, Brenda E Cortez is featured on the podcast Tell Me a Story

A random conversation with a woman in her church, led to Brenda donating a kidney, which saved this woman’s life. Years later, her on-going series of children’s books, which educates the children and adults about the benefits of organ donations. Brenda uses a cartoon owl, she calls Howl, to spread the world. What does Howl stand for? Listen to the program and find out!

Her website is Howl the Owl is filled with a tremendous amount of information, to allow you to not only buy her books, but how to advocate for helping others live through the generosity of organ donations!

This is conversation, is MORE than well worth your time and thank you, for sharing the message. You are most appreciated.

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