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The Magic is Happening in September

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the September 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens is available for your enjoyment!

Because we have such a wide array of people and personalities who contribute each month, there is always something new to give your grey matter a work out.  So, this month, our writers chose from among these topics for the Theme Articles:


 Which did I choose?  Ah, you can find out by giving the magazine a look see and to make it easier… Here are the links to my posts and I thank you in advance, for reading and sharing!

Louise L. Hay, The Eternal Light

Lighten Up on Tomorrow

Seeds of Strength

Lighten Up in September


August, Through and Through

So, it’s that time of the month, when we roll out the fresh, new offerings from our talented writers from around the globe!   The Magic Happens for August 2017, awaits YOUR visit.

 Bringing our energies to the prompt words:


  Here are the banners for MY ARTICLES and I hope you enjoy them!

As always, we appreciate that you read and share our presentations. Remember, you are always welcome to join our merry band of creatives.  Reach out to our fearless leader, Kathleen Anne McCarthy by dropping her an email  kat@themagichappens.com

Happy August!

Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor, The Magic Happens Magazine (now in our 11th year!) 

A Star Spangled Read for Our Tenth Anniversary

A star-spangled read this month at The Magic Happens as we present our July 2017 Edition!  This month’s magazine is made even more exciting as this is our 10th Anniversary!  That’s right, 10 years of growing and expanding, from the humble beginnings of a thought, to reaching millions of readers all over the world!  Be sure to check out the special audio interviews, hosted by Founder, Kathleen Anne McCarthy! This feature provides the opportunity to put a voice to the writer while they share from their hearts.

Come find out what our writers have to offer based on the prompts of


 Here is the collage of my articles and I appreciate that you enjoy them!

Have a terrific summer, filled with great reading provided by a community of humanity thriving out loud!

Annette Rochelle Aben, Editor

May the Writing be With You

May I personally invite you to the, hot off the presses, May 2017 Edition of The Magic Happens

We’ve got so many words, there are plenty to enjoy now, enjoy later and even share with friends.  In fact, at the top of each article, there are social media sharing buttons.  How nice of you to spread the words….

Of course, my words fall under these titles

You are always welcome to leave a comment ( I will respond, I promise)

We’d LOVE to have you join our merry band of bards.  Contact Kathleen Anne McCarthy at kat (at) themagichappens (dot) com. I’d be thrilled to see your name listed as one of the writers in The Magic Happens Magazine.

April Showers with Friends

All your friends at The Magic Happens have showered up and are presenting a squeaky clean edition of their digital magazine!  Follow the link and enjoy a plethora of thoughts, opinions and conversations.

Of course, I have a few pieces for your reading pleasure…

Thank you for your kind attention and now, I am off to get this soap out of my eyes…  TA!