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The Magic Happens Magazine




I have been blessed with the opportunity to write for this digital magazine for many years now.  To be a part of the crew of international contributors is exhilarating and at times challenging.  Not only do I have the opportunity to write for the magazine, I am also on the Editorial Staff, which in and of itself should give my former newspaper editor quite the feeling of satisfaction (he always reminded me about that payback thing).

These wee videos are what our founder, Kathleen Anne McCarthy, created to showcase the authors.  Using quotes she chose from the articles published, she then created the memes, set them to music and edited a video presentation. (Thanks Kat!)

Want to know more about the magazine?  Read it? Write for it? Advertise in it? GOOD!  Over the past year, we have had more than 4 million views and we continue to attract tens of thousands of new readers each and every month. You can contact Kat here http://kat@themagichappens.com and be sure to tell her I sent you (I would be honored).

I also invite you to come check out ALL our articles (as we publish NEW the first of each month) in our March 2016 issue as well as those in our archives.  Here the links to my current articles




We are a community of writers, thinkers who see ourselves as the voices of Humanity, Thriving Out Loud!   Check us out, http://www.themagichappensnow.com