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Spreading the Words



Ring the bells!  Wake the town and tell the people!  The August 2015 Edition of The Magic Happens is LIVE and ready for your perusal!!  Exclaiming, as I am want to do, that this is our finest compilation to date, I entreat you to take a gander at the offerings of our worldly writing collective. We hail from all corners of this magnificent planet and as such, we bring uniquely individual perspectives to the articles we submit for your edification. http://www.themagichappens.com

You may notice at the top of each article, there are SOCIAL MEDIA SHARE buttons, and when your cursor passed over them, the charmingly helpful DROP DOWN MENU appears. Thank you, in advance, for SHARING the article (s) with your outlets. Our writers do not get paid for their submissions, so being able to reach as many readers as possible, helps each writer to build an audience.

We are also socially available and on the site, you will find links to OUR social media presences. Pinterest, You Tube, Twitter and Facebook, so let’s be friends there and stay in the loops. Oh, and we also have an internet radio presence and there is a link to our radio shows at the top of the front page!  Gee, this is fun.

Be sure to check out the ways YOU can use this site to advertise who you are and what it that you do through our BANNER space. Need a little incentive? We have had over 2 million visitors just this calendar alone.

Now hear this… simply because we have many talented folk filling our digital pages with words of wisdom each month doesn’t mean we are full, not by a long shot.  We could certainly use YOUR ENERGY and should you be so inspired, please contact our fearless leader, the Founder and Creator of The Magic Happens, Kathleen Anne McCarthy (we call her Kat) mailto:kat@themagichappens.com and get the ball rolling!

So, there you have it, our articles are fresh and exciting each and every month.  All of the archives are available as well AND we have several features I haven’t even mentioned. Here is that all important link to the coolest thing in digital magazines, The Magic Happens; we are a writing community that is truly Thriving Out Loud!  And thank you again for checking us out!  http://www.themagichappens.com