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Tell Me a Story Mark Bradley

If anyone was ever born to be a part of the music world, it was this podcast’s guest, Mark Bradley someone I shall refer to, from here on in, as the Music Man.

Tell Me a Story is holding space for a performer, a composer, a life-long supporter of music and all its beauty. Michigan native, Mark Bradley has lived a life most of us dream of, because he has had the opportunity to be involved with a muse who began enchanting him when he was two years old. This life has taken him all over the world and kept him in the company of some of the world’s most remarkable musicians.

And to top it all off, Mark has a sister who has made her mark in the literary world, Maggie’s Way author, Linda Bradley.

Enjoy the PODCAST, then visit Mark’s WEBSITE and perhaps you’ll be moved to enjoy a great piece of music from your own collection.

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Tell Me a Story Linda Bradley

What’s so exciting about doing this podcast, Tell Me a Story is being able to connect people from all over the world to each other.

Today, we go from one County in Michigan (where I am) to a neighboring County in Michigan,  to hold the space for Author, Linda Bradley

Linda has penned a series of 3 books, featuring heroine, Maggie Abernathy in her Montana Bound books 

You met her in Maggie’s Way, grew closer to her in Maggies’ Fork in the Road and cheered her on, in Maggie’s Montana.

What’s the latest on Maggie?

This is why we brought Linda onto the show today, so you’ll have to tune in, to find out MORE about A Montana Bound Christmas

So, pour a cuppa, curl up and enjoy this presentation of The Magic Happens Magazine which is thrilled to bring you Tell Me a Story podcasts via The Magic Happens Radio Network


Maggie’s Fork in the Road on Tell Me a Story


Friday, July 22nd, 1:30-2pm EDT ~ Tell Me a Story welcomes back a woman whose ability to tell a story makes her books come to life!  Linda Bradley has just given life to the 2nd of a three book series and today we are going to be welcoming Maggie’s Fork in the Road to the literary world. The first book in her women’s fiction series, Maggie’s Way, Montana Bound introduced us to a cast of memorable characters, including the series’ namesake, Maggie Abernathy, precocious, Chloe McIntyre and the handsome John McIntyre. Today, let’s have Linda fill us in on their continuing adventures. We invite you to stay in touch with Linda Bradley: http://www.LindaBradleyAuthor.com Be sure to stay connected to us, http://www.themagichappens.com Thank you, for tuning into The Magic Happens Radio Network!