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Tell Me a Story Andrew Joyce

The Magic Happens Radio Network welcomes the award-winning historical author and side kick to Danny the Dog, Andrew Joyce to Tell Me a Story.

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Here is the link to Andrew Joyce’s blog!  Thank you for FOLLOWING and SHARING!   https://andrewjoyce.wordpress.com

Follow the link and put a voice to the face and learn the history of how he became a writer.  Be advised, there is Adult Language throughout this interview.

Tell Me a Story

* the interviews are listed in alphabetical order

A Letter to a Dispirited Writer Friend of Mine

Reblogged from Andrew Joyce. CLICK THROUGH to the ORIGINAL POST and learn something about yourself… (it’s good, trust me)

Source: A Letter to a Dispirited Writer Friend of Mine

Danny Shills for Andrew…

Who can resist a cute doggie, or a good book, or a good book at a GREAT PRICE… Me neither!  Click through to the original link and find BOTH!   Danny, Andrew is sure lucky to have you.

I’d like to talk to my legions of fans out there, but, alas, I cannot. I’m here today as a salesdog. To paraphrase some guy that used to write plays a long time ago: Friends, Romans, Ape Fans, lend…

Source: Danny Shills for Andrew…