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National Book Lovers Day

Everyone knows someone who has written a book. If you do not, allow me to introduce myself, I am Annette Rochelle Aben, an Author who has self-published 13 books to date. (working on more of course) This means I have books available for purchase! 


In recognition of National Book Lovers Day, might I suggest that you purchase a book, especially one written/published by an Independent Author (such as myself), read it, and leave a praise-filled review! Of course, you are welcome to purchase additional books to use as gifts, bribes, or to be calculatingly casually left on random park benches, subway seats, or coffee house tables.

You Can Find My Books Here

In any and all cases, you and your actions shall be most appreciated! 

So, carry on, you BOOK LOVER, you! Fill the world with your enthusiasm and generosity and your head and heart with something wonderful.

(naturally, I can only attest to my books as being something wonderful, but I can surmise that books of other authors who I may or may not know of may also be wonderful)

You Can Find My Books Here


Cover to Cover

It’s book lover’s day

Curiously, pages turned

Minds dance with wonder

©2020 Annette Rochelle Aben