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Get Lost in a Book

When was the last time you told someone to GET LOST! Well, if you’re an author, hopefully, it was just the other day. People who love to read, don’t really need an invitation to get lost… in a book that is!

September 6th, is:


Promote, as you see fit, all the reasons why someone should read one of your books! Perhaps, read one of your books over a connection such as ZOOM. Offer a free eBook. Leave paperback copies in coffee houses, on park benches, etc. Donate books to hospitals, nursing homes, or even prisons/jails.

Because you love books, be good to the books in your collection. Organize your collection in order of what you’ve read versus what you have yet to read. Or rank them in order of favorites or soon to be favorites. Dust their shelves… Books are your friends, so show them a good time!

Remember: #booksmakegreatgifts

Go on now, get lost!

A Treat to Celebrate National Read a Book Day – A Cover Reveal

Why didn’t the skeleton like the Jack-O’ Lantern? No bones about it! 

Yeah, well that’s what you get for allowing me to write Halloween jokes, okay!! I’d like to think my haiku is a bit better. I’ll just bet that if I combined haiku and Halloween, I’d stand a chance of hearing some screams.

of laughter, of course, or maybe a ghoulish grin or two? 

In honor of National Read a Book Day, I present for your approval… the COVER REVEAL of my next book!

3D BooKu Front & Back

Thank  you to Chris Graham for the amazing 3D version of my cover!  If you contact him, perhaps he can scare something up for your books…  http://www.thestoryreadingapeblog.com

This is a “Halloween story in words and pictures” of how the “creatures of the fright” occupy their time leading up to their big night. Naturally, when the pressure is on, they do a ‘fang-up’ job of tricking the little beggars into believing that their bark is worse than their bite.

LoriBooKuEach year, the “Mistress of Halloween” (they say, she’s a dead ringer for my sister, Lorraine) proves herself worthy of the title of Diva of Decorating and transforms our front yard into sea of spooky. The little ones have been to known to stop smack in their tracks when greeted by snakes slithering on their path but it’s the life size rubber rats, with gnarly fangs that really give them pause. You would think with the disembodied heads hanging around, they wouldn’t stand a ghost of a chance of getting near the candy but we run out every year. Of candy, not kids…

Watch for the forthcoming announcement of BooKu, Halloween haiku coming to life soon on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle formats.


National Read a Book Day

So, like I really believe that National Read a Book Day, should be every day…  Yet when I was checking the “calendar of days” sites for special days here in September, guess what I found. There is actually a National Read a Book Day! Of course, as with many of these “national days” there was no origin information. But do we really need that to celebrate? Uh, methinks not.   


 This is celebrated on September 6th and I bring it up today, so you have a day to prepare. Perhaps send the family out on a scavenger hunt. Maybe call in “lost” to work and the only way you can “find yourself” again, is to search the pages of that book. Of course, you could “fake your own death” and “will” the rights to your story to your favorite mystery writer…  No need to thank me, I am always happy to stir the pot.

It is suggested that we read anything that we love. It could be a book from childhood, a book that you have always been meaning to start, or perhaps a book that you have been needing an excuse to finish.

Let’s say you don’t want to “just sit and read” (gee, Annette, you say that like it’s a bad thing). It was suggested that you read to someone else!  Bonzer thought here!!  Visit a shut-in, head off to your child’s school, heck, corner the dog! Don’t have a pet? Read to your walls, look in the mirror and read to yourself OR head outside and read to Mother Nature (she’s been waiting for you to visit considering you’ve been so busy with that new job and all).

If you think about it, plants need our exhaled breath…  Besides, this is a great way to show a tree that you appreciate it giving it’s life for the very paper that created that book!  So, if nothing else, read to your plants! 

You’ve no acceptable excuse here, truly, for there is always time to find time to read. You do it without thinking, right? Bet you know what the ingredients are on your cereal box (let’s hope you do). And if you’ve gotten swept up into the blog world once in a while, I know what you’ve been doing…

 National Read a Book Day is the celebratory 24 hours, set aside to remind us that books are treasure chests filled with the riches of inspiration, imagination and information. We are the seekers of wisdom, truth, entertainment and escapism and as such, we are continually on a quest. The value of what we read is incalculable. Our lives are enriched letter by letter strung together syllabically to form the words from which sentences are born. Is there nothing as exciting as making that connection with that story or that character we end up making a part of our lives?

Off with you now… fly to that book shelf, dig under the bed or charge up the electronic reading device. Then, plan the libations and chow. Make sure you stock your favorite reading spot with all you will need to fuel your body so you will have the strength to turn the pages. Toss your comfy clothes into the washer so you’ll be able to keep body, mind and soul linked in a holy trinity of pleasure! Replace light bulbs and put the Do Not Disturb sign in a handy spot, so at the break of dawn, you can hang it in a conspicuous spot!

Treat yourself, you special you. Indulge yourself, you reader, you. If nothing else, celebrate National Read a Book Day by taking a book to lunch.  Enjoy your special day, you two!

#ReadABookDay is the hashtag we are asked to use to help spread the word!